Tips and Tricks to Lose Weight Fast

1. Lemon Honey Water Detox

When you wake up in the daylight, consume a warm glass of honey and lemon water – just mix half a lemon with one tablespoon of honey in one glass of water, heat, and gulp down. This is a miracle drink that satiates your sugar cravings throughout the day, boosts your metabolism, builds and boosts your immune system, and clears up any congestion in your skin. You are sure to lose at least 2 pounds every week if you follow this regimen strictly. Moreover, it will get rid of any clogged toxins in your intestines and stomach, thereby reducing future storage of fat in your body. What more could you ask for?

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

This drink does not have a pleasant taste, but it will have a brilliant effect on your body. Consuming a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, of high quality and organic nature, will burn your fat and boost your metabolism. It can also be diluted in a glass of water and consumed in this manner if you find the flavor to be too acidic to be consumed directly. It is a fast and efficient mechanism for losing weight without resorting to crash dieting or yo-yo diets.

3. Eliminate the White Stuff

Go into your kitchen, and drive out anything white – this includes white pasta, white rice, white flour, white sugar, white bread, cheese, butter, margarine, cream, potatoes, bananas, etc. All these foods are loaded with carbohydrates, fats, and sugars, all of which you should be strictly avoided if you want to see dramatic weight loss. Moreover, these foods slow the body’s metabolism down and make you crave more and more sugary and starchy foods. Excess of carbohydrates is why people have bulging stomachs and protruding bellies; hence eliminate this food group for a slimmer, sleeker you!

4. Squat That Butt!

Exercise, exercise, and training – these three words are enough to make any overweight person recoil with terror. That’s why we suggest squatting, which is an easy, effective, and quick way of toning your muscles. An increase of muscles within the body is a process that burns fat because it takes fat to produce muscle! Squatting is an easy exercise that can be performed in your workplace, bedroom, or your TV lounge – wherever and whenever you fancy!

5. No Bedtime Eating

A common trait among overweight individuals is the habit of snacking during odd hours, which leads to bulking up fat in all the wrong places. This is because the body has no activity to perform during odd hours, such as before bedtime. Hence, all the food gets stored as fat within the body. Accumulating adipose tissues then results in excess pounds and tight clothes and encourages faster storage of fat in the future. This is why not eating after 10 PM every night is an effective way of losing weight healthily and quickly.

6. Avoid ‘Diet’ Food

Yes, you heard us right! Stay away from the diet food aisle in the shopping center because these foods are extremely unhealthy for you. This is because though they contain a reduced amount of calories, they are extremely high in fats and sugars, which are not found in the calorie count. So you might want to stick to lesser amounts of natural foods, then opt for these dangerously unhealthy diet meals.

7. Pack on that Protein

Eating a protein-rich diet is a brilliant way of filling your stomach, reducing cravings, and encouraging muscle production. This is beneficial because we often end up losing a lot of muscle during cardio exercises, and muscle is important to burn fat. To ensure quick and efficient weight loss, consume grilled or baked fish and chicken or boiled eggs. Margaret Thatcher followed a popular 2-week diet which consisted of taking almost four boiled eggs daily to lose 21 pounds! This shows that consuming protein is a complete yet magical way of shedding those pesky pounds.

8. Cheat Your Way Thin!

Most people end up failing their diets or simply giving up altogether because they are too hard on themselves. The key is to allow one cheat day, usually on the weekends, where you allow yourself to eat anything and everything. It will ensure that you follow your diet strictly for the remaining six days and do not crave sugar or starch at random times. Such ‘cheating’ has been supported by many celebrities such as Uma Thurman, Jennifer Aniston, and Selena Gomez – and it has been proven to work wonders!

We hope these eight tips and tricks will help you in losing weight fast and in meeting your target weight loss goals. Stick to these guidelines strictly, and you are sure to lose at least 2-3 pounds every week if not more!

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