How To Use Tapping For Weight Loss And Body Confidence?

How To Use Tapping For Weight Loss And Body Confidence?

Overweight is the word haunting the dreams of almost 30% population of this world, which means about two billion people worldwide are overweight or obese. It is the factor affecting all ages of men, women or even children everywhere. This overweight disease is the underlying cause of many other more significant and severe health conditions such as Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, and Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease and increase in many other health problems. Can tapping be a solution? Let’s find out.

Overweight is Directly Proportional to Stress

No wonder if we can say overweight is directly proportional to stress or stress is causing more increment in weight. And this stress usually affects your body in many ways especially the waistline of your body gets affected. There are so many ways in which this stress can contribute to making your body overweight.

When we are in stress or something stressful happens in our life, our brain triggers it within seconds. Amygdala- a part of our brain starts to order our body to release stress hormones medically known as Adrenaline and cortisol. These specific hormones causes’ significant problems with your body weight, such as they start shutting down the creative problem-solving parts of your brain.

The first and foremost it slows down your digestion which makes it harder to lose your weight. Secondly, it constricts blood vessels along with other biological changes that control your body and brain functions, how you think, how quickly your brain can react to different situations, or how loud you will get food cravings.

Stress Taking Your Ability to Think

Most often when you get stressed, you find yourself making worse decisions about finishing your food cravings- with range of unhealthy foods such as; a box of delicious chocolate cookies or fat juicy, cheesy meat burgers, etc. that is because the stress took over your brain and its ability to think what is right for your health or not, especially what kind of food will put on more weight.

Even if you are eating all good or healthy food, but you are a trap in some stress, then this stress also decrease nutrient absorption. Which causes you to not being able to absorb it, that also affects your cholesterol levels, defecting your systems such as; Immune system, Nervous System, Endocrine System, etc.

Losing your Body Confidence

When you are facing all these issues, you start losing your confidence too. People start body shaming you, and you start avoiding people by not going to public meetups, not attending public events, start wearing more fitted clothes to look some slim. And these things put you in more stress. Everything starts reminding you of your weight.

How to Reduce your Stress?

Now you are thinking of how to reduce this stress? The first thing which will come to your mind is by doing diet or crash diet. But it is advisable to not to make yourself more stressful by doing such things in your conditions and put more trouble on yourself.

What is Tapping?

The best thing you can do to reduce this stress is with Tapping. Many of us are unaware of this term, but it is not something from the planet of aliens. Tapping is an incredible process to relief your stress in few minutes. Tapping is when you tap on acupressure points while you focus on something that causes you stress. When we are facing some stress, it is not just a feeling in your head; you start feeling it in your stomach or our chest or even in your back or your whole body.

Tapping is that you create physical stress while you begin to stimulate these acupressure points and when you stimulate these points it sends calming signals to your brain. So when you start to feel stress, begin to tap.

Tapping Points

  1. Karate Chop

The first point is the Karate chop point, and it is on the side of the hands on either hand. You can tap on either side of the body.

  1. Eyebrow Point

It is where the hair of the eyebrow begins right on the bone.

  1. The side of the Eye

If you follow that eyebrow bone, you will be on the side of the eye.

  1. Under the Eye

This point is under your eye. Then start tapping underneath your eye.

  1. Under the Nose

Following the above points now comes underneath your nose.

  1. Chin Point

This point is in the crease between the lip and the chin.

  1. Collar Bone

Next point is the collarbone point. The shape of your throat and you go down an inch and over an inch, you will feel it, or you can use your whole hand and tap right on your chest.

  1. Under the Arm

It is the source spot. For women, it is where your bra strap lies about a hand width from your armpit.

  1. Top of the Head

This point is on the top of your head. It is the last point for your tapping.

How Tapping Helps in Reducing Weight?

Whenever you are facing any stress related to your personal life or the professional life you can use tapping technique known as Emotional Freedom Technique, it breaks the negative linking’s between your stressful thoughts and your physical responses through your body.

For any human, it is considered that whenever we are in a state of panic, such as we have a deadline for our assignment tomorrow or presentation in office and when we cannot find any way to deal with all of this stress we make ours to food and especially unhealthy food. We think by eating our favorite flavored ice cream, we can reduce our stress. But that’s not the right way.

You can also have research on the positive effects of tapping technique. A recent study shows that hour-long tapping sessions led to a twenty-four percent decrease in cortisol levels and it is beneficial in weight loss. With reducing your weight, you can also get your confidence back on point!

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