The Best Diet You Need to Take While Taking Steroids

The Best Diet You Need to Take While Taking Steroids

Steroids play different roles in the human body. They help in medical conditions or to enhance performance. Regardless of the reason for taking steroids or the benefits, it’s imperative to appreciate some of the negative effects they can have on the body. 

Steroids can affect the uptake of different nutrients in the body. Knowing which foods to eat when taking steroids like Testosterone Cypionate can go a long way in enhancing the result, particularly when you’re looking to grow muscle and avoid deficiencies. 

Steroid diet will not only improve results but also make it easier for the body to deal with any negative symptoms that might arise from taking steroids. The effects range from weight gain or weight loss to hyperactivity. 

High Protein Foods


To grow muscle and boost performance, most anabolic steroids increase protein synthesis. This helps to power muscle growth and repair. Because of the increased metabolic rate of protein synthesis, you need to prioritize high protein foods in your meal plan when taking any steroids. 

Fish, lean meat and eggs are excellent sources of protein. To make it easier on the liver, you should avoid red, processed meat as a source of protein.

In addition to placing extra pressure on the liver, red meat can raise your cholesterol levels and increase the chances of heart disease because of its high trans fats content. 

Anabolic steroids also reduce good cholesterol and increase bad cholesterol. By stocking up on good sources of protein, you can counter these effects to ensure you live a healthier life with better performance. 

Whole Grains 


While steroids are impactful in your goal to improve performance and build muscle, they can’t do it all. Anabolic steroids boost strength and endurance. They help you to work out harder for longer periods.

These effects take a toll on the central nervous system. You might not feel it right away. But, without a proper diet plan, you will feel the effects down the road.

Carbohydrates contained in whole grain foods help to replenish glycogen stores in the liver and muscles, giving your body a constant supply of fuel to improve performance.

A high-carb diet will not only increase energy levels but also help you and your muscles recover faster from exercise.

There are various sources of carbs, and each of them is different. Carbs from simple sugars and refined carbs are just as harmful as trans fats. 

When selecting which carbs go into your diet while on steroids, go for complex carbs over simple ones.  These are present in whole grains like oats, barley, wheat, and brown rice. Complex carbs also have a sufficient dose of fiber and are slowly released into your bloodstream. 

Fill Up On Greens 


One of the downsides of using steroids is weight gain. It doesn’t happen in all people but, you can’t sit around and wait. Greens have high water content and very few calories. They make it easier for you to stay lean. That’s why they are a staple for bodybuilders and fitness models.

If you’re on a steroid cycle, you want to keep fat gain to a minimum. Kale, arugula, and Watercress are just among the few greens you need to add to your diet. They will keep you full longer and suppress appetite. Needless to mention, they are also rich in a variety of vitamins that are essential in muscle growth and metabolism. 

Greens are not only good for your muscles. They’re good for your heart too! Varieties like Kale and dill can help lower bad cholesterol and are rich in flavonoids and phenolic acids that are critical to cardiovascular health. 

With vegetables, there’s no guilt in eating plenty of them. They are low in calories but bulky in essential vitamins. For instance, kale only contains 33.5 calories per cup. But, it provides 206 percent of the daily requirement of Vitamin A and over 650 percent of Vitamin K of the daily requirement.

Cabbage packs only 22 calories per cup and more than half the recommended intake of Vitamin C. The beauty with greens is you can eat them in so many ways. Use this benefit to milk them for everything they offer. 

Eat Foods That Support Liver Health 

Prolonged use of steroids can take a toll on the liver. The increased muscular activity and accelerated growth only mean there’s more work for the liver to do. Eating foods that support liver health like yeast, barley oats, and other plant-based foods that contain Beta-glucan foods can protect the liver from oxidative stress.  

Include fruits like grapes and other berries in your diet. They are not only rich in vitamins and antioxidants, but they also have hepatoprotective effects that your liver can benefit from. 


As with other supplements, there are various downsides associated with steroid use. The only difference with steroids is, there are ways to counter the effects by adopting better diets and cooking methods and using supplements. 

Taking a wholesome approach will not only suppress any effects, but it will also help the body make the most out of the steroids and maximize the results.

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