How To Open A Fixed Deposit in PNB?


Such an account that gives higher interest than other accounts but forces conditions on the sum, frequency, or potentially time of withdrawals is a fixed deposit in PNB. It is also known as a time deposit.

Cash deposited in fixed deposit account can’t be withdrawn before a specific time, or they can be withdrawn with notification as well as by having to pay the penalty for it.

Fixed deposit is a useful approach to contribute your cash and get a great measure of return for the amount you have contributed. Everyone wants to be rich and to get rich we have to invest our cash to receive profits. With regards to investment there are numerous spots where you can invest your cash; however, you have to analyze the level of risk before making any investment.

Opening a Fixed Deposit in PNB

So now let us begin with this guide and look at how you can open Fixed Account in PNB. I have explained every step which you have to take, after reading through the steps if you have any questions in the mind you can comment below. 

1.    The principal thing you have to do is gathering the Fixed Deposit form, you can download it from the website or else you can visit the nearest branch and get it from them. 

2.    Fill in your fixed deposit form; now you have to complete the form with the details asked from you. 

3.    After that, you have to gather the documents which you have to submit to your bank. 

4.    Documents: You have to give photocopies of your PAN card and documents to prove your address.

5.    Don’t forget to sign the photocopies of the documents. As without your signatures, they won’t be considered as valid. 

6.    When you have collected the documents and finished filling the form, visit the PNB branch.

7.    Chat with the bank authorities and demonstrate your form and photocopies of the documents and confirm with them that you have taken the correct documents and successfully filled the form efficiently. 

8.    Deposit the amount in your fixed deposit account.

9.    When you have finished with depositing amount, you are finished with it. Wait for the maturity of deposits. In the meantime keep getting the earning.

PNB Fixed Deposit Rates

One of the widely recognized saving accounts is fixed deposit account. It offers the highest interest rates. Every public service bank offers fixed deposit service to its customers. Check out netpnb for amazing deals. 

Interest Rates

The rates of fixed deposit are based on competition, and they are different according to maturity of the account. The present interest rate won’t be the same in a couple of years from now.

PNB Interest Payout

PNB pays interest to its customers monthly or quarterly. The base deposit sum is less when contrasted with the other banks.


So this was the means by which you can open Fixed Deposit in PNB. You should be clear with every step as they are explained in simple words. You may visit the branch for further assistance.