Muscle Building Significantly Easier With Whole Eggs Than With Egg Whites


Those involved in resistance workouts know how important protein is in muscle building. There is never a time when the body does not use protein. Among bodybuilders, more protein is needed than normal both immediately after the workouts and throughout the rest of the day.

This protein not only helps promote regular body functions, it also helps in the process of building bigger muscles. Exercise simply builds up capacity for the creation of bigger muscles. Therefore, unless you have adequate amounts of protein at every point during the day, the workouts cannot deliver the expected muscle gain results.

New studies are also proving that eating proteins after a workout makes quite a difference to the workout results. In general, these studies indicate that the rate of muscle building among those who consume whole eggs after a workout is 40 percent better in comparison to those who choose to consume egg whites only. For example, by consuming two big eggs after your weight training, you provide your body with 12 grams of complete protein together with the essential amino acids.

What this basically means is that doing away with egg yolks with the belief that this will enhance your muscle gain is a huge misconception. Nature was right all along – eggs should be eaten as they are for greater muscle gain benefits. 

Why Whole Eggs Are Better Than Egg Whites For Muscle Recovery And Muscle Building

In terms of protein quantity, there is no significant difference between eating whole eggs and egg whites. Most gym buffs did away with the yolks based on the belief that the fat they contained did less than nothing to promote their muscle gains. They were also more than happy to avoid the heavy doses of cholesterol associated with eating whole eggs. 

However, current research indicates that the cholesterol in the eggs does not actually end up raising your cholesterol levels. Furthermore, the truth is that egg yolks improve the body’s ability to use up the protein in the egg whites for the muscle-building protein synthesis process. 

Consequently, since dietary protein is highly necessary after workouts to promote the muscle recovery process, consuming whole eggs in place of egg whites can help a great deal. The muscle repair and muscle building process also takes place after the workouts; and this process is a lot more effective with whole eggs than with egg whites. The yolks contain nutrients and chemicals that make the body more accepting of the protein the egg whites provide. 

What Research Has To Say On Eating Whole Eggs Vs Egg Whites After Workouts

A study was done using 10 young men; with each getting 18 grams of protein. The difference in protein synthesis among the men who had whole eggs and those who consumed egg whites was eye-opening. The research made a startling discovery with regard to consumption of eggs after a workout. 

To begin with, after looking at the amount of amino acids available in the blood after eating either whole eggs or egg whites, no noticeable difference was witnessed. However, when muscle protein synthesis was measured, it was discovered that whole eggs resulted in greater muscle protein synthesis than egg whites. 

Eggs And Muscle Protein Synthesis 

Basically, muscle protein synthesis is the process through which the body adapts to physical workouts by using the available protein to build muscle. The process results in muscle growth, repair, and even maintenance. Typically, protein synthesis is always taking place, unless you are not eating enough in which case the muscles can experience a breakdown. 

However, when you work out, muscle protein synthesis is increased, if you are eating enough proteins of course. Eggs, with their large quantities of protein, are therefore very useful for muscle building as they considerably enhance the process of muscle protein synthesis. For an even greater boost to your daily muscle-building process, gives you a big selection of full-of-protein snacks that you can have both at work and at home.

Egg Yolks Promote Muscle Building, Provide Other Important Nutrients

Egg yolks have a bad reputation as being rich sources of cholesterol and fat, which many bodybuilders considerate it to be out of the question. Based on the current research, it is very clear that eating whole eggs contributes more significantly to muscle protein synthesis than eating egg whites does. Certainly, they make you feel fuller for longer and therefore you avoid overeating and consuming excess calories.

Egg yolks are rich in compounds that promote the usefulness of the highly bioavailable protein found in egg whites. In particular, the egg yolks have healthy omega-3 fats, antioxidants, choline, zinc, calcium, lecithin, and even vitamins D, B1, A, B6, B12 and folate.