7 Ultimate Body Piercing Ideas For Any Occasion

7 Ultimate Body Piercing Ideas For Any Occasion

Piercing is fun! They are versatile, fun to wear, and look gorgeous. According to fashion gurus, body piercing will be the trendiest fashion statement at least for the next five years. The most exciting part about piercing is, it can be done anywhere in the body. Visit a trustworthy parlor or tattoo shop today to get your most favorite body part pierced in the blink of an eye!

Now that you have finally decided to get your body pierced let’s discuss a few unique ideas where you can place your next or the first body piercing jewelry for a stunning look. Here is a list of 7 ultimate body piercing ideas for any occasion.


Wearing jewelry on the conch is quite popular these days. Here, the jewelry is placed exactly in the middle of the ear. And depending on the space, you can choose to wear a large gauge or a small bead on your conch.


Have you always wanted to look fascinating? If yes, then you can get your bridge of the nose (the space between the two eyes) pierced. After piercing, you can decorate it with custom-made jewelry or something of that sort to make it look cool and attractive.


If you are fond of experimenting, then you can try piercing your sputum. This piercing is done through the soft thin area exactly at the center of the nose. The best thing about this type of piercing is, it is painless and heals quickly.


As you might have guessed, this piercing has been named after famous American actress Marilyn Monroe. The piercing is done exactly in the same place where she had her beauty mark. Experts opine that this piercing is a great add-on to your already beautiful mouth and lips.


If you are a fashion fanatic, get your lips pierced! A ring or circular barbel right on the center will be perfect for your soft, curved lips. Fashion experts predict that piercing the lips will slowly gain traction year after year, and will become a major style statement in the next 3-5 years.


Ever experimented with your cheek? No, I guess! Well, it is high time then! Get your cheeks pierced or just the center of the dimple to give yourself a funky yet a trendy look. Just make sure to visit a reputed parlor or saloon while piercing your cheek.


Nostrils are a very delicate part of the body. If you can endure a little bit of pain while piercing, the doors to look beautiful and attractive will be opened forever. A wide range of body piercing jewelry for the nostrils is available in the market that will not only make you look beautiful but will also boost your self-confidence.

Body piercing jewelry is taking the fashion world by storm. They are trendy, as well as, comfortable to wear. Fashion gurus have predicted that they will continue to dominate the fashion world for years to come. So, what are you waiting for? Look cool, look trendy – get your most favorite body part pierced today!

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