Summer Trends which a Girl can Follow in 2019

Summer Trends which a Girl can Follow in 2019

Summer is here and with every coming season comes a question i.e., what’s on trend? So if you are looking to keep your wardrobe updated and want to look the best in the season, we have gathered you a list of some of the most popular trends of the season.


Tie-Dye was a huge trend back in the 60s, but it seems Tie-Dye is back in trend. Traditionally Tie-Dye is made by tying bunch of fabric with waxed thread, so the dye only covers exposed areas–meaning no design was never the same. This trend can be seen all over the runways. Wear it as a skirt or opt for a matching two-piece or a t-shirt.  Moreover, you can easily buy this trend online using Myntra Coupon Code with great discount.

Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are back in trend, and all the credit goes to Kim Kardashian. These shorts are taking off elsewhere and are shaping up to be one of the significant trends of the summer. You can wear these comfortable shorts with a blazer, a sweater or even a blouse and you are good to go.

Animal Print

This trend doesn’t seem to fade away and is ruling the fashion world since a very long time. Loud leopard was the favorite among the fashionistas and has appeared on a variety of bags, suits, coats, etc. This chic design can be seen on the runways of Gucci, Tom Ford, Roberto Cavalli, etc. Wear them with a denim jacket or a go wild wearing head to toe.


Lavender is a very beautiful color and is very flattering to wear. This soft and feminine color can add a lovely touch to the whole look, and it can whether be worn in the form of coats, boots, dresses, or head to. This color is all over the runways by labels like Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, Emilia Wicksteed. This subtle color can give a whole new excitement to your outfit.

Bermuda Shorts 

Bermuda shorts are back in trend. The shorts are comfortable and make a fashion statement. This rent is ideal for those women who want to stand out and make a statement. The shorts are very versatile and can be worn to a casual lunch to a formal dinner. These can be worn with a blazer, leather jacket, a turtleneck, etc.

One Cold Shoulder

One cold shoulder is a back in trend as they suit most of the body types and look very flattering. They provide you a very relaxed yet subtle look, which is suitable for any occasion. Wear it in the form of a dress or a top-it can make you instantly look gorgeous. Also, it provides you an opportunity to wear your huge hoops or junky jewelry.


The fashion world has got a lot brighter because of the recent popularity of neon. Neon trend has been one of the most controversial trends. From millenial pink to neon green all the colors have become a huge trend in the past few years, but the most popular color is neon green and is seen all over the world. If you want to stand out from the crowd, than the neon is your color.


Everyone has heard of fringe, this particular detailing can be found on the shoulders of your denim jackets, bags or wedge sandals the list can go on. Fringe is always an eye-catcher. You can wear one piece that is embellished with fringe and leave the rest of your look basic, no matter if you wear it on your shoulder, skirt or your shoe this detail will instantly make you look special.

Puffed Shoulders

This fun style was popular back in the 89s but looks like the designers have agreed on bringing back. They work particularly well with square necklines on feminine dresses. This style is versatile, comfortable, and also reminds of the beautiful dresses all the Disney princesses used to wear. This fun style can make you feel like a princess.  Moreover, if you are looking for a job then e-commerce could be the best chance to try.


Admit it, or not everyone loves a little feathery touch on their outfit. The trend this year was started by Marc Jacobs’s spring runway which featured Feathers on gowns, dresses, and accessories and since then it has been in high demand. Wearing only one piece with Feathers and going basic with the overall look can provide you a statement look.

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