Why are Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Desire of Every Women?


Romance lives on, but, sometimes, it needs a gentle nudge of something precious. Diamonds are going to be your best friend when you pop the question. Skip the part about jitters and fear of rejection. If she is the one, you need something as exquisite as her when you propose.

Out of the ten favorite diamond shapes, cushion cut diamond is undoubtedly the prettiest. Moreover so if you pick one that has an ideal or super ideal cut certification. Buying diamonds for the first time jewelry shopper can be daunting. Sadly, for most men, an engagement ring is the very first jewelry they choose and buy on their own.

Do not worry! Just remember to go to a trustworthy place for your first buy. Ask for certifications and verify the claims of the jewelry store before you complete the purchase. An expert jeweler is always ready to help a customer out during his first tryst with women’s jewelry.

Why are cushion cuts so close to a woman’s heart?

Cushion cuts have been popular for quite some time. You will find their extensive mention and use in Gregorian and Victorian-era pieces. The aristocrats liked wearing gemstones with elegant cuts and exquisite brilliance. Cushion cut diamond along with a few other unique gems could sparkle and shine in the mellow candlelight. Emperors, empresses, kings, queens and their wards embraced cushion cut diamond as an insignia of royalty and nobility.

That might not be the case right now with bright lights all around us, but cushion cut diamond have retained their appeal to the common masses. Women prefer JannPaul cushion cut diamonds over pear, oval, radiant and marquise shapes. These shapes undoubtedly have their unique charm, but their brilliance, fire, and scintillation are far below the level of cushion cuts. It has become a symbol of love and romance, thanks to its vintage look. Halo engagement rings do perfect justice to the super ideal cushion cut engagement rings.

A cushion cut diamond is smart on the pocket

Most importantly, a cushion-shaped diamond has larger facets as compared to the regular round diamond. Therefore, the gemstone on these engagement rings often looks more prominent than a radiant or marquise cut diamond of comparable weight. They are more comfortable on the pockets than the round cuts, but they are virtually indistinguishable to the layperson. Since they are the second-most popular shape after the round cut diamonds, getting them at a price 40% or 50% cheaper than round cuts is indeed a bargain.

Cushion cut diamond rings have reshaped fashion trends

Most women step outside the norm of popular fashion and convention to continue wearing these cushion diamond rings even after marriage. Either they stack the rings if the wedding ring matches the engagement ring, or they wear it on the other hand. Indeed, such a beautiful engagement ring does not deserve to be forgotten in one corner of the jewelry safe deposit box or the home safe.