The 5 Best Celebrities Smokey Eye Makeup Looks

Makeup is a girl’s best friend. From daily wear to glamorous parties, every woman wants to achieve the perfect glow. Gladly we have various makeup items to maintain the looks we desire. Smokey eyes, however, are not everyone’s expertise. For this very reason, we have compiled the best smokey eye makeup looks rocked by Hollywood stars along with the makeup kits which can help you achieve the same beautiful glam at home effortlessly.

1. Kim Kardashian: Soft Smokey Eyes

The most talked about television personality, Kim Kardashian goes for a soft smokey eye makeup regime, giving her a glowing look instead of landing all focus on the eyes. Check out the soft eye edges with a hint of adorable nude shades. L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Quad is the best palette for these amazing eyes. The best part is the long luscious lashes. Either opt for fake eyelashes for these eyes or just grab your lash curler, curl away and load them with lash-long mascara by Maybelline. Just apply your glossy lipstick by Smash box and rock this tres chic look for any occasion!

2. Amber Heard: Glittery Smokey Eyes

Amber Heard decorates her eyes with bling! The super glittery eyes rock her black suit getup as eyes become the primary focus. If you want the same beautiful, mysterious eyes, go for the ‘Smash Box Full Exposure Palette.’ Just apply your ideal foundation on your face, eye primer and get your hands on the palette for those smoldering smokey eyes. Simply blend the gray and black above and below the eyes and Voila! You will be good to go.

3. Chanel Iman: Sultry Cat Eyes

We are in love with the dark black cat eye look worn by Chanel Iman, the Victoria Secret’s Angel and famous supermodel. These eyes are not as hard to achieve as they may look. For a flawless cat eye look, opt for the ‘Top Shop Smokey Eye Palette in Subversive.’ These eyeshadows last all evening and give a beautiful blended look. For cat eyes, play with the deepest colors along the eyelids, crease and of course below the eyes. Top them off with your gel eyeliner and super curl mascara. This look will be a definite head turner.

4. Joan Smalls: Evening Sky Blues

Joan Small has outdone the smokey look by exploring different shades and colors. Hats off to the evening sky look which is unique and posh. ‘Revlon Photo Ready’ is the answer to the question. Wear this look with your beautiful black or white gown to walk in style all evening. You can also add your dark blue eye pencil by Maybelline and fuse it with Revlon shadows to bring out the best Instagram pictures ever.

5. Rihanna: Smoke it up!

Rihanna, a famous singer, wears her black eyes best to complement the wonderful glittery gown and head wrap. While her eyes are jet black, she leaves her lips and cheeks nude. Want the same look at home? Get yourself an ‘Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette’ and flaunt your flawless black eyes in style. All shades are gorgeous and finely milled. The added brush is perfect to create the edges and under eyes. All you need is this palette, and you will be good to go!

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