How To Do Eye Makeup With Different Lens Colors?

As girls, we all love to apply different lenses to look cool and to have something different. Usually, girls with black eye color prefer to wear greys and blues, while girls with brown eyes would go for green lenses or hazel lenses.

Once you put on a colored lens, it is necessary that you do the correct eye makeup; otherwise, you could look a mess.

With grey-colored lenses, it is preferable to go for smokey eye makeup. Of course, you can go for various other colors, but classic matte black and grey look best with this lens color.

If you go for the green lens, make sure you keep your eye makeup light otherwise, it will look overdone. Use nude shades or simply go for plane eyeliner and some highlighter. Do not apply dark colorful eye shadows.
If you go for blue lens color, then you can optimally go for blue eyeliner. It’s one of the most gorgeous looks. You can even go for the aquatic blue smokey eye shadow. With the blue lens, you can also prefer to apply just white liner on the inner brim of your eyelid and some highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes and the brow bone.
If you go for the hazel lens, the best option is to apply a thick coat of mascara and brown eyeliner but then again, you have an option of rose gold smokey eye makeup.
If you go for the brown or black lens, then I suggest you keep it simple or you go for some dramatic dark shades like matte black, maroon, and purple.

Ensure that you do not overdo any makeup; otherwise, you will look like a raccoon instead of Mila Kunis in your smokey black eye makeup.

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