Why Hiring An Event Planner For Your Corporate Party Is A Good Idea

Why Hiring An Event Planner For Your Corporate Party Is A Good Idea

If you’re in charge of putting together a corporate event and you want it to go smoothly and in a cost-effective and fun way, turn to an event planner. For starters, you probably don’t plan events every day, but event planners, by definition, do. Therefore, they have worked out the kinks in the event-planning process through experience and have built up a wealth of connections and contacts that they can use for your benefit.

Events can be a big deal. A successful event is one where everyone has a great time and leaves with a great impression of you and your company. An unsuccessful event is just the opposite. All this adds up to stress that an event planner can take away from you. An event planner creates a timeline, sweats the details and generally leaves you free to enjoy your own party, product launch or whatever. With a fundraising event, in particular, a good event planner can create a tone and atmosphere that relaxes potential donors and puts them in a contributing mood.

There are many types of corporate events, from annual Christmas parties to shareholder meetings, and an event planner can help create a theme for each of them that is appropriate and draws the right kinds of attention to you and your brand. Furthermore, hiring an event planner is often cheaper than putting together the event yourself because you’re saving your own time and turning to professionals who know where the best values are from catering to disc jockeys. In fact, in many cases, you can’t afford not to use an event planner.

About Twenty-Three Layers

Twenty-Three Layers is a New York City event-planning firm lead by CEO and founder Jessica Boskoff. Before creating the company, she worked for 12 years in the event-planning industry. Known for her flair for design, attention to detail and capacity for giving her all to every event she plans, she has made Twenty-Three Layers one of New York City’s most exciting event-planning firms. Boskoff loves to travel the world and takes inspiration for the events she plans from all over the globe. Twenty-Three Layers does well in part because of her passion for her work.

The culture at Twenty-Three Layers is all about collaboration and creativity. The professionals Boskoff hires are relaxed, competent and understand that your event is important to you. The company has received a great deal of positive press coverage from Bizmash Magazine, The Moment and other online and print publications.

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