Female Musicians Who Made Motherhood Look Easy

Female Musicians Who Made Motherhood Look Easy

It is common knowledge that women find it difficult to juggle a career side by side with being a mother. A challenge by any standards, some women manage it out of love for their career that is mingled with motivation and drive.

Being a musician and a mother is not just a challenge, but it is much more than that especially as she is the public eye and need to keep her image, musical image and physical image. Some female musicians have not only managed it but have made it look easy.

Some people would find it hard to believe that, as such, we will show you some female musicians moms who made motherhood look easy:

Brody Dalle

Seeing her with the band ‘The Distillers’ or ‘Spinnerette’, you would never guess that this beautiful, tattooed woman musician is a mother of two children. Not only that, but along with her husband Josh Homme, could be seen together backstage as they bring their children along to shows. Admitting that she has been through depression and weight gain after pregnancy and getting through those issues only makes us respect her more for going on and never halting her career.

Cat Power

A formidable female artist, this woman has been an icon of strength in all issues that she has put her mind to. In music, she has a history that has seen all types of music from minimalist reworking, classics, anthems, to name just a few. Even when she became a mother, she took it in her stride as the most normal thing in the world, all while she goes on with her career. Bravo! Cat.

Ani DiFranco

Known as an activist for feminism, she tours, sings anti-folk, and takes care of her family. She has two children, and despite never denying that it is difficult she did not halt her career, nor did she deny the difficulties of the early days.

She reiterates that a mother is human, has her needs, and should be allowed to keep her career if she chooses so. Ani balances her work and demands of having a family by being realistic and learning to accept that it’s not perfection that should be expected of a mother. You can search here for no fee concerts tickets to attend their live shows and get entertained.

Lauryn Hill

The frontwoman of the band ‘The Fugees’, Lauryn has been known for her versatile talents, and as the wife of Rohan, Bob Marley’s son, it was expected that being a mother to her first-born Zion, would slow her down.

It did the opposite sine with the advent of motherhood; she took off on her own and launched a solo career that initiated with her album ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’. Since then, she has won five Grammys, and she also had four more children! She is a formidable example of success in a career as well as being a mother!

Charlotte Church

Due to her exception vocal ability, this woman has been a successful musician since she was a twelve-year-old and her albums kept coming one after the other. And while she was pursuing her career, she got her two children, and even though she is a single mother now, she is still releasing EPs.

It might be chaos, it might be fun, but it can be done at ease as these female musicians have shown us.

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