Details that make the difference between a good & a great Indian Wedding

Details that make the difference between a good & a great Indian Wedding

Food on the Indian wedding day is lavish and with variety. There are curry dishes which means cooked food is floating in a liquid prepared from onions and spices. It can get messy if the serving plate structure is not shallow. A flat plate will drip the liquid spoiling the clothes and the floor. Wedding venues in Delhi NCR are well equipped and professional in serving. The functional crockery must be stressed upon the contractor caterer at the time of contract.

Venue & Caterers

Resolve the matter with the venue and caterers. Take up the matter of equipment source at the time of talks before an order is placed. Some venues hand over serving utensils. These are standard items and may not suit your purpose. Review the details based on what you are going to serve and in how much variety. Find out if the equipment is charged extra. Arrange equipment from outside if the design is not practical.

In India the vast majority is vegetarian. So, arrange a non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes table with a gap between the two. Place dish name cards at a prominent place on the table so all can see. Religious sentiments on food should not be spoilt and leave soreness about your function.

In case guests are given breakfast, vouchers clarify the quantum of individuals who are included and the cost if the limit is crossed. Guests coming for the wedding will like to have all meals — Depute somebody from the family to coordinate the voucher distribution. No one should be left behind feeling unimportant.


Those guests staying in hotel or guesthouse should be well looked after with regards to cleanliness. Make sure the staff cleans their room daily and replenish the fridge. It should be done at the convenience of the guest.

Food for Newlywed

In most cases, the newlywed is so busy in ceremonies that they do not eat much. Make someone responsible in charge to place food items in the room of the newlywed. After a whole hectic day let them get food energy when the functions are over, and they relax.


The newlywed couple sits on the stage on a couch or a sofa. All invitees want to have a look of the couple. Make sure the photographer or flower arrangement does not obstruct the view.  Make someone in charge keep the guest moving who climb up to wish well to the newlywed.


Mandap is erected on the design selected by the couple and the family. There are times when this structure collapses due to poor workmanship or wind. Ask the decorator about the construction material and the sturdiness of structure. Pay a little extra for mandap to avoid mishap on the final day.

Changing Room

Keeping in mind the wedding time and exit of guest arrange for changing room till the rooms are made available.

Printed Schedule

Give printed schedules about the beauty parlor, photoshoot with timings and venue. Wedding venues in Gurgaon and Delhi coordinate according to the desire of the client.

Make a list of the items which you need to carry to the venue to get ready. Double and triple check it.

Decide what medication and other items should go in the welcome bag. Handover to the guest as they come.

Hire a wedding planner for the final day. This way the function will move smoothly as you get busy with the guest.

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