The Ultimate Checklist for Perfect Wedding Photography

The Ultimate Checklist for Perfect Wedding Photography

Mark was all set for his wedding – he had got all preparations in order including the venue, invitations, and food catering. But something was making him jittery.

At a marriage, he had witnessed a photographer missing some crucial moments that made the bride teary-eyed after it was all over. 

Mark did not want that to happen on his Wedding Day and he researched the poses and situations that he wanted to earmark and notify the hired photographer to capture.  

Hiring the Best Professional Wedding Photographers 

It is evident that none of the couples would want to miss out on memories that cannot be recreated again.  

If your marriage is few days away, have you started preparing for the auspicious day and sorted out the poses? Have you made lists about your attire for your big day? And most importantly, have you finalized the right wedding photographer who would not miss the shots for anything?

Hiring a professional wedding photographer is always the top priority for the couples. Wedding photographers play a vital role in capturing the best moments. So, it becomes essential to do a proper research while selecting your professional wedding photographer. Let us provide you with detailed wedding photography checklist.

To start with, here are some of the wedding planning photo checklist that you should ask your photographer to cover. The checklist includes:

Capturing Perfect Engagement Moments

Engagement diaries is a start to the wedding celebrations. You should discuss with your photographer on what kind of pictures you want. Some of the shots involve:

  • Engagement invitation cards
  • The couple rings
  • Capturing exchanging of rings
  • The newly engaged couple
  • Engagement performances
  • Family portrait

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Pre-wedding photo shoots are always a treat to the couple as well as the photographers. A perfect video capture, natural light availability for a perfect shot. Some of the things to add to your checklist for pre-wedding photoshoot are:

  • Bride and Groom dressings
  • A perfect shoot location
  • A perfect story to blend with the shoot
  • Proper natural light to avoid extra focus

Bachelor and Spinsters Party:

Bachelor Party.jpeg

A photographer must capture the fun and frolic moments during the bachelor and spinsters party. Here are some of the points couple must ask their photographer to choose.

  • Raising the toasts
  • Covering the fun moments for the bride and groom team
  • Cocktail party for the bride and groom
  • Capturing the performances 
  • Portrait of bride and her bridesmaids
  • Portrait of groom and his attendants 

Before Wedding Ceremony:

This is the time, where there is both nervousness and excitement. And a true photographer knows what and how to capture everything and weave the best magical story. There are some other points to be kept on list such as  

  • The Wedding card 
  • Bride’s makeup, her wedding dress and photoshoot
  • Every detail of the bride and groom’s dressing
  • Groom’s photoshoot with his attendants
  • Bride and groom’s entry
  • Bride with her parents and bridesmaids

During the Wedding Ceremony:

This is finally the moment everyone awaits. From the bride’s entry to the groom’s excitement – everything needs to be perfectly shot and preserved. Because these are the moments for lifetime. A perfect wedding photographer knows how to capture the rituals, ceremonies, the emotions and the warmth. Here are some photography tips you should not miss while capturing the magical moment.

  • Groom and his best man around
  • Welcoming of the guests
  • Bridesmaids/groomsmen walking down the aisle
  • Bride hugging her parents
  • Bride walking down the aisle with father
  • The entire function with a drone shooting
  • Exchange of vows/rings
  • The kiss!
  • The newly wedded couple
  • Bride and groom walking down the aisle together
  • The emotional moments of the bride and her family
  • Family portrait with the newlyweds and many more

Wedding Reception

After the big day, the wedding reception is the day where the newly wedded couple shares the stage with their family member and closed ones. The photographer should perfectly capture:

  • Bride and groom’s entry
  • Panned view of guests at tables
  • Best man toasting bride and groom
  • Beautiful performances of the bride, groom and their closed ones
  • Bride and groom greeting the guests and walking around
  • Wedding cake
  • Bride and groom cutting the cake
  • Bride tossing the bouquet
  • Groom throwing away the garter
  • The couple leaving the reception and bidding goodbye

We hope you get perfect pictures of the best moments of your big day. Also, make sure that you ask your photographer to avoid adding extra effects to the photographs captured. After all, this is all about the happiest moments of life that you are going to cherish for a lifetime.

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