10 Top Hottest Celebrities With Smokey Eyes

If you believe smokey eye makeup is just the conventional ‘black,’ you are wrong! Check out these hot, wild, sexy looks for a smoky makeover. All celebs do it uniquely, pairing it with nude lip shades or classic reds.

Choose your favorite look by scrolling down:

Kim Kardashian: The Night Rider

Kim Kardashian, the queen of the television industry, knows how to play with makeup products. Check out her ‘Night Rider’ outfit, where she goes for a mysterious eye look by applying smoky shades of black, bronze, and brown. She paints the eyes well by applying just the right amount above and below them. The false eyelashes are on the spot, making the eyes look gorgeous and more noticeable. Kim goes for nude lips so that all focus lies on the eyes!

Megan Fox: The Classy Look

Megan Fox, the sexiest American actress working since 2001, shows us the posh classic smoky makeover. The luscious red lips and black smoky eyes are the perfect, never-going-out-of-fashion appeal. Moreover, this final look appears rather sexy and persuasive. See how the hair is pulled back so that all the attention diverts directly to the face.

Rihanna: The Shimmering Smokey

Rihanna has taken the music industry by storm by singing singles, collaborated songs, and jingles for animated cartoons. Delve into the gorgeous glittery smoky look Rihanna pulls off at the Awards. While everyone else goes for black smoky shades, Rihanna brings the illuminating shades of pearl, grey, and charcoal.

Her smoky look is unique and inspiring. Check out how she pairs it with nude lip shades, opalescent highlighter, and perfectly shaped brows.

Jennifer Lopez: Fog it up!

Jennifer Lopez needs no introduction. The 47-year-old diva still has what it takes to become a show-stopper. Unveiling her magical smoky eye makeup, she shows us how it can be done differently. We have named it ‘Fog’ because it is neither black nor grey. The blend of the beautiful smoky shades reveals utter flawlessness. Ultimately loading the eyes with mascara and a gel liner, the final style looks absolutely stunning.

Angelina Jolie: Red Carpet Eyes

The queen of hearts, Angelina Jolie, is perfect in all ways. Angelina goes for a soft smoky makeover which is perfect for all evening parties. The prima donna chooses a smoky cat-eye look on the outer edges while blending neutral shades inside the inner corners. She paints flawless winged eyeliner and bulks up the lashes with super curl mascara. The lips are colored ‘summer cherry,’ and the actress looks gorgeous wearing black, and her hair is let down in loose curls.

Mila Kunis: Smoky Cat Eyes

Mila Kunis opts for a cat woman look. This kind of look is named ‘cat eyes’ because by outlining the eyes perfectly, you mimic the eyes of a cat. Makes sense? Let’s focus on Mila Kunis, who creates flawless cat eyes by stepping away from the norm and choosing gold, grey, and black for her style. The lips are left natural by applying a transparent gloss; the celeb makes the eyes her focal point.

Blake Lively: Sunkissed Smoky Look

Be mesmerized by the ‘sun-kissed, glowing smoky makeover’ worn by Blake Lively. This style is fascinating, unique, and bright. While we can never imagine painting our eyes black in the daytime, Blake shows us how it can be done! Observe the slightly smoked-up eyes with no eyeliner whatsoever. The lips are painted summery peach; the overall style is fresh and stimulating.

Natalie Portman: Messy Smoky Style

If you are wondering if this look unveils secrecy, you are on point. Check out Natalie’s unique messy eye makeup look perfect for brown eyes. Instead of applying the smoky eye shadow above the lids, she applies a black pencil eyeliner below the eyes and smudges it. The final style looks messy, smudgy, and unique.
This is my next ‘to-do-look’; is it yours too?

Jessica Alba: Dark Adventures

The style ‘Dark Adventures’ is intense, deep, and gorgeous. With zero smudging or blending, the actress paints her eyes plain black all over her lids. She simply wears a gel eyeliner, winging it up on the outer corners.
Wearing this look with a pure black dress makes her look hot and sexy. While I believe red lips would have taken this style up a notch, baby pink lips give a more subtle effect.

Avril Lavigne: Black Beauty

Avril Lavigne, the queen of the smoky eye makeup world, rarely leaves her eyes plain without black eyeliner and kohl. She creates a smoky look by applying her pencil eyeliner above and below the eyelids, smudging them, and Voila! The crazy, gothic look is ready to be flaunted away.
Adding mascara makes the gothic look more intense, building all the attention directly deep into the eyes!

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