Surprising Secrets of Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Loss

Four years ago, social media and news channels were on fire reporting about Jennifer Hudson’s mind-blowing weight loss when she lost over 80 pounds and revealed it in a bikini selfie on her Instagram account. This was right after giving birth to her child when she decided to follow the Weight Watchers diet regimen extremely strict, dedicated, and efficient. Interestingly, despite the passage of four years, Jennifer has managed to keep the weight off. This is a profoundly troubling area for a majority of dieters, who might lose weight quickly, but find that the pounds crawl back on shortly afterward.

Jennifer Hudson has a few secrets up her sleeves when it comes to losing weight and maintaining her slim, sleek, and sexy figure too.

Throw The Pancakes On The Wall!

What this implies is that you should never let your food control you. “I never let my food intimidate me,” revealed Jennifer Hudson on the Dr. Oz show, “If I don’t want to eat something, I only throw it away.” This is an exciting tip because the psychology of overweight or obese people reveals that they often feel addicted, controlled, or dependent upon food. The underlying reason behind this is the intrinsic connection between food and emotions, whereby feelings of sadness, happiness, or depression are experienced by consuming food. Jennifer Hudson decided to take immediate control over her life and broke her emotional dependency on food.

Squat, Squat, and More Squat!

Jennifer candidly reveals that she used to do 100 squats a day to lose the excess fat and tone her soft body. This is a critical trip to incorporate within one’s life, as toning is as necessary as losing weight. Squats are a highly convenient way of exercising, as they can be performed anywhere and anytime. Jennifer revealed that she is a lazy girl, so squats suited her as she did not have to exercise at the gym each time. This shows that going daily to the gym is not critical to weight loss. Instead, one can exercise anywhere and at any time. So much time as exercise is performed at one’s convenience and preference is all that matters to success in weight loss.

It Didn’t Happen Overnight

The secret to Jennifer’s weight loss was significant patience, as she lost 80 pounds in two years. Losing weight drastically within a few weeks or months is more likely to crawl back, as people cannot maintain such a dramatic lifestyle on a regular basis. The key is to exercise moderation and self-restraint, to make the right choices, and to make them at the right time throughout the year. Weight loss is a lifestyle change, one that does not happen overnight – and if it does, then you are not getting it right.

Make Yourself Accountable

Jennifer Hudson still keeps a daily journal in which she religiously logs every meticulous detail about what she puts in her body. This allows her to keep a check on what she is consuming, which she checks every night before going to bed. Different applications can also be used on one’s mobile to quickly and conveniently login to anything one eats.

Use Fitbit Flex

This handy gadget checks how many steps you have taken or how many floors you have climbed during a day. It sets goals for steps and levels based on your weight, height, age, and gender and then monitors whether you are reaching these aims. Jennifer Hudson is a proud user of this device, as it allows her to ensure that she is meeting her targets and makes sure that she stays active and healthy throughout the day. Most people believe that exercise or staying active is restrained to the gym, but with a Fitbit Flex, one can stay active throughout the day.

Cook Your Meals Yourself

Instead of ordering or eating quick take-out, Jennifer has been eating freshly cooked food prepared either by herself or her chef for the past four years. This has allowed her to cook food according to her dietary requirements and cut out excess carbohydrates, sugar, fat, and salt. Thus, prepare your meals yourself so that you know what you are putting in your body – this is a practical, low-cost, and easy way to lose weight.

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