7 Celebrities Who Have Been Robbed Like Kim Kardashian

With the recent event of Kim Kardashian West being robbed of $10 million worth of jewelry at her hotel in Paris at gunpoint by masked men who disguised themselves to be cops, Kim Kardashian has returned to States to be with her family. Kanye West also stopped his performance at the Meadows Music & Arts Festival in NYC to return to his wife. Here’s a list of the celebrities who have been robbed like Kim.

1. Lindsay Lohan

She has been repeatedly robbed of her possessions on various occasions. She was a victim of ‘The Bling Ring’ as they broke into her house, stealing $100,000 worth of jewelry and clothes. Recently more jewelry was stolen from the premises.

2. Rihanna

Her LA mansion was invaded while she was on her tour to Australia. Luckily her effective security system worked, the robbers were scared off by the alarm.

3. Keri Russell

She was asleep in the next room when the robbers broke into her home. They took a laptop and some jewelry. Keri woke up at the sound of their voices and called 911.

4. Julianne Moore

Back then in 2012, when Moore’s NYC flat was being renovated, she reported a theft of $127,000 worth of jewelry. The jewelry consisted of a $33,000 Cartier diamond tennis bracelet and four Cartier watches.

5. Kirsten Dunst

On returning to her Manhattan hotel room after the shooting, Kirsten discovered she was a victim of the robbery of $13,000 worth of handbag, cell phone, iPod, cameras, and $2,500 cash including ID and credit cards. Thanks to hotel security cameras, the looters were caught and Kirsten’s possessions were returned.

6. Kanye West

His Los Angeles home was burglarized while he was away on tour in 2012.

7. Tupac Shakur

This hip-hop singer was shot five times when he was robbed back then in 1994. Pac survived luckily.

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