How to Celebrate Special Occasion with a Sydney Harbour Cruise

How to Celebrate Special Occasion with a Sydney Harbour Cruise

The memory of a spectacular special event is something that you’ll cherish forever, so it’s a great idea to get a little creative with how you might celebrate your upcoming exciting occasion! Whether you’re planning a romantic wedding, birthday party, high school formal, public holiday, hen’s or buck’s party, or just a good old don’t-really-need-a-reason celebration; you should be checking out a Harbour Cruise!

Floating in the golden sunshine with one of the best views in the whole world right in front of you is pretty much the best way to spend a special day, you’ll hold those magical memories close forever. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and booking your harbour cruise, but you’re still sort-of on the fence about it, read on! Here’s exactly how to celebrate a special occasion perfectly, out on the water…

Look for a Package

A good cruise company will supply you with options for different packages. These are great because not only are they incredibly savvy, but they also take a lot of the work out of organising a big event! Budgeting can be really difficult when you’re setting up a party, and a singular package expense is a total godsend when it comes to finalising the spending.

What’s more, your packages can include food, drink, decorations, DJs, live music, lights, dance floors – you name it! Everything you need for a great party can be provided for you, all on an incredible and unique vessel, does it get any better than that? Don’t think so!

Pick the Time of Day Carefully

With any kind of celebration, you have to be cautious with your timing. Although this is applicable to every party you plan, it’s even more critical when you’re planning an event out on Sydney Harbour Cruise. The time of day you choose will be a huge determinate of the overall mood, so proceed with caution!

A morning or lunchtime bash is perfect for calmer family parties, Boxing Day celebrations or hen’s dos. Your early afternoon into the evening time is the sweet spot for wedding receptions, big birthdays or office Christmas parties, whilst the night-time is great for big celebrations and formals. Of course, you can choose to set off at sunset, so you get to witness the glorious event while still enjoying a wild night out on the water. Consider your guest list to get the timing choice perfect.

Select your pickup/drop off spot

Your pickup and drop off spot should be a democratic decision, you don’t want any guests feeling like they’ve drawn the short straw when they’re on their way to your party. Ask all attendees what they think about the various set off options to pick the most universally convenient one. Be sure to factor in the potential of a few memorable pictures beforehand, a good backdrop never hurts! You also need to think about whether you want the party to carry on after you dock, if so try and select a point that’s close to the city or to your favourite bar to minimise travel time.

Organise a Theme

This one is by no means mandatory, but a theme certainly does add a lovely touch to a special occasion. If you’re planning on tying the knot at sea, why not select a nautical colour theme? It is going to enhance the romanticism of marrying on the harbour cruise! For fun birthdays, bucks and hen’s parties, a playful under the sea theme gets the party going! Matching your theme to your venue makes the whole event cohesive, stylish and all kinds of enjoyable.

Hope you’re ready to host a very special occasion out on that harbour cruise! Check out all occasion cruises in Sydney to get started.Link:

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