Starting a New Blog? How ConnectPal and Other Platforms Can Help?


Blogging is more popular — and potentially profitable — than ever before. Anyone can start a new blog, no matter what their background, skills, or voice is as a writer. Female bloggers especially have to decide what they want their new blog niche to be, and then figure out a way to succeed in the sometimes seemingly overcrowded blogosphere.

Tips for Starting A New Blog

Some women choose to go into the area of blogging known as “mommy blogging,” a popular and relatable option for plenty of readers out there. Others go for the lifestyle blogging approach. Still, others choose to stick to politics or crafting, or whatever topic they happen to have some relevant experience or interest.

No matter what, every blogger has to start with a reliable platform, and female bloggers are no different. Some of the most popular and best-rated blogging platforms include Word Press,

Wix, Blogger, and Square space. But there are other ones out there. Which new blog you choose comes down to what you’re looking to do, and what you need the platform to do for you.

For instance, if you’re starting a new blog, you’ll probably need a platform that is easier and simpler to set up — unless you’re a master coder outside of your blogging life. You should also look for something that has the capabilities of what you’re looking to do with it — for instance; you shouldn’t use a platform that can’t handle a lot of videos or images if that’s something you’re looking to feature a lot of on your blog.

Another part of starting a blog and succeeding as a female blogger involves a promotion. Promoting your content is a significant part of blogging, no matter your subject area. After all, how will people know to read your blog if they don’t know that it exists?

Fortunately, there are options when it comes to promoting your blog that is already in place for any blogger to use. Using social media wisely is one of the first ways to promote your new blog as a female blogger. Social media is already such a large part of the lives of millions, and you can reach many of those people just by promoting links to your content on social media handles. Cross-promoting your content on sites like Facebook and Twitter can help you get eyes on your work that may not have been aware of it before.

There are also subscription promotion options when it comes to blogging. ConnectPal, for example, is an easy-to-use content platform where bloggers from all walks of life can sign-up and post content for readers to subscribe to for a small monthly subscription fee. If you’re looking to make some money as a female blogger outside of ad revenue, subscription services like ConnectPal are an excellent option that can also serve as a way to increase your readership base.

Final Words

Once you’ve figured out where to host your blog and how to promote it, the first, most important steps of being a new blogger are taken care of. You’ve just got to stick with it, as well as find — and keep — the right readers for anything you might want to write about.