Celebrities Who Endorse CBD

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Celebrities Who Endorse CBD

As the efficacy of Cannabidiol drugs continues to be recognized by people with many symptoms such as joint pain, arthritis, anxiety, sleep insomnia, back pain, myalgia, and more, CBD is expanding into popular culture lifestyles. This involves a plethora of celebrities who have either directly endorsed or used CBD products and brands themselves.

Many people with CBD popular oil quotes about how they use CBD products for various symptoms. Here’s a full in-depth list of famous celebrities who support or use CBD products for their pain, anxiety, sleep, and more!

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian decided to celebrate her fourth kid’s baby shower, the theme of which was CBD products. She’s said a lot about how much she likes CBD, and that she’s addicted to CBD’s topical salves. She said she was freaking out a lot during the process, and she needed CBD to help calm her down.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is a beloved narrator, performer, and producer who began his career as a Cannabis advocate after a dangerous and intense car accident in 2008. He developed fibromyalgia from his accident, which is extreme muscle pain. Since then, CBD and THC drugs have been used to help alleviate pain. And he’s a key advocate for plant-based medicine.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg is an American actor, actress, television hostess, author, actor, author, and television hostess who is also an ardent advocate of Cannabis and Cannabidiol ( CBD). In reality, last year, she co-founded her own brand of CBD called Whoopi & Maya Medical Cannabis. She is very enthusiastic about how CBD can benefit women, particularly middle-aged women with cramps, cycles, dysmenorrhea (extremely painful cycles), nerve pain, and menopausal discomfort. Whoopi Goldberg itself is a testimonial of CBD oil and uses CBD to treat glaucoma, pain, and tension.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is an actor and filmmaker who’s had a lot of press about using CBD for his anxiety and how it helped him with his acting career. In reality, Tom Hanks has teamed up with Cornell University to research how CBD can support people with type 2 diabetes. Tom Hanks is a celebrity who is a huge testimony to the use of CBD.

He said that the first time he ever tried CBD was to help relieve his anxiety. He was fed up taking a lot of drugs to try to make him feel ‘better’ … It was no longer how he wanted to live his life. So he tried CBD oil. It was a great relief for him to feel himself, but the edge was gone. A benefit to the whole thing was the relief he got from the numerous pains and pains he got. Arthritis in his knees, in particular. It instantly relieved 90% of his pain. The benefits of CBD oil are different from everything that any pill or drug would do.

Tommy Chong

He’s a Canadian comedian, a leader, and a comedy maker. Chong has another guy, and he’s a devoted CBD lover. His requirement for CBD is identified during recovery from cancer of the prostate gland. It’s a really inspiring story. Chong announced that he had prostate cancer in 2012. A few months later, another announcement came that he is already 99 percent cancer-free. Chong attributed the oil to the hemp. When experts were doing research on the health benefits of CBD, they used the Chong example as an inspiration. However, Chong has not verified that CBD is non-psychoactive. Rather, he believed that the psychoactive effects of CBD were the reason why he had to suffer from chronic pain.

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