An Informative Guide to Vampire Facelift

An Informative Guide to Vampire Facelift

The “Vampire Facelift” as the name specifies, is a wrinkle reducing and beauty enhancing treatment. It performs the facelift by taking out one’s blood and then reinjecting it after separating it with a centrifuge.

As human ages, it is obvious that his face will change its shape. They are causing the skin to loosen and cheeks to lose their fullness. By combining the platelet rich plasma with the micro-needle simulation, it aims at rejuvenating the skin by way of improving its elasticity and reducing the fine lines, large pores as well as acne scars.

The procedure of Vampire Facelift

There are three steps involved in this vampire facelift procedure. First of all, a filler consisting of hyaluronic acid is injected into the target area of the skin to sculpt a naturally younger looking face.

Next, the blood is drawn usually about two tablespoons. That blood is then transferred into a centrifuge for about five to ten minutes to separate the platelet-rich plasma. This PRP is also called growth factors. It assists in healing the damaged tissues by improving the flow of blood and increasing the collagen.

Lastly, the isolated PRP is then injected back into the target area with the help of a small needle. It enables the multipotent stem cells in the skin to activate themselves to produce new and younger tissues.  Although a single treatment may work out for some individuals, yet three sittings in a month are required for obtaining the best results.

Recovery after the Facelift Therapy

The vampire facelift procedure usually requires a little recovery time. On the first day of the treatment, there may occur tenderness and redness on the skin that may look like a sunburn. There may also appear some bruises on the skin initially.

The sunburn then disappears on the second day followed by some swelling on the next day. However, the swelling also diminishes in a few days, and the person can resume his daily activities right after the treatment.

Some of the effects of this facelift treatment will be visible right after the process, but improvement will be seen over the months gradually when the healing cells do their part. The results then last for up to one or two years. However, the person is advised to protect his skin from the sun. A daily skin care regime should be followed, which should include sunscreen and some good quality moisturizers.

The Benefits vs. the Cost

On average, the cost of vampire facelift therapy is around $1200 at James Christian Cosmetics. The person should ensure that the treatment is being performed by a doctor or a nurse who has the experience of injecting plasma into the depth of the skin.

The cost may seem high to some, but the benefits of this treatment are worth the cost. Specifically, it helps in treating the crow’s feet, dull and rough skin tone, dark circles around the eyes, acne scars, large pores, and sun damaged skin. However, those suffering from blood issues like anemia or blood cancers should avoid such treatment.


Presently, there is a lot of media hype regarding the vampire facelift due to its catchy title. Although there exist several ways to rejuvenate the face, yet the vampire facelift turns out to be the better option.

Unlike others, it not only restores the shape of the face but also improves its texture and tone. It rejuvenates the younger and newer tissue. Also, as compared to other surgical treatments, vampire facelift turns out to be less risky and safer for the individuals looking for rejuvenating their skin and younger looking appearances.

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