How To Get Copper Smokey Eyes Like Selena Gomez?

Selena Gomez rocked the revival tour, not just with her melodious voice and best performances, but she captivated millions of hearts with her beautiful looks. Her makeup was indeed eye-catching in every possible way. Every night she would appear on stage with different colored smokey eyes, and we couldn’t help but stare at her attractive face and eyes.

Meanwhile, her Revival Tour Instagram account exploded with millions of likes when her makeup artist Melissa Murdick uploaded a tutorial of Selena’s copper smokey eye makeup.

Below you can find a series of instructions to get the celebrity look of Selena Gomez on her revival tour. Since we loved the copper smokey eyes look, we will elaborate on that.

Okay, so the very first step is to have cleansed your face and then dry it. Apply moisturizer on your entire face. Begin your eye makeup by applying primer on your eyelid.

The next step is to apply a nude skin-colored eyeshadow on your entire eyelid. Using a fine brush, apply copper-colored eye shadow in the shape of a wing on the eyelid and into the crease. It should be elongated, blending towards the outer end of the eyebrow. This will give your eyes a larger look by lengthening them.

This is what Selena does to make her eyes look bigger.

The next step is to use a deeper eyeshade towards the outer corner of the eye. Always go for a darker shade. It could be a dark copper color, maroon, or my favorite black color.

It adds definition to the shape of your eye and gives it an outline. Ensure that you blend this darker shade properly with the lighter one to avoid the clear-cut distinction between the two colors. The darkening of the eye shadow towards the periphery of the eye should appear gradually, and the trick is to blend!

Using liquid eyeliner will further enhance your look.

Selena Gomez goes for the sexy cat eye makeup look. It’s a difficult job to apply cat eyeliner for beginners, but I want to lay particular emphasis on practice here. I remember being a beginner. It took me a lot of energy to master the cat-eye look.

Just make sure that you use scotch tape; in the beginning, it should run from the external corner of the eye towards the eyebrow. Then start applying the eyeliner from the middle part of the eyelid very close to the upper lash line.

Move smoothly towards the periphery and draw a winged liner along the scotch tape. Selena’s eyeliner is a little bit thicker from the middle part to the outer part. You can either use liquid or gel eyeliner. You can go for different colors, but I would prefer matte black with copper smokey eye makeup.

To add the dramatic Selena Gomez effect, apply a pair of false eyelashes.

Do check the size of the false lashes before using them. Trim them if necessary. Now apply a thick coat of eye mascara. Applying two coats gives you maximum volume and desired length. Do take a short interval before applying the second layer. You are almost done with your eye makeup, but a few touches can add even more magic to your makeup.

I totally love applying a little eye shadow just below the lower lash line. I prefer to use the same brush that I use for the eyelid. This gives you a beautiful smoldering look. You can define the inner corner of your eye by highlighting it with a soft gold color.

Finish your look by filling your eyebrows with a light brown eye shadow or eye pencil. Add voila to your eyes, and you did with the eye makeup. Wow, I think you rock the look the way Selena does. Girls, if you are facing problems in getting the exact look, then you need to practice more because you can’t apply it the way Melissa does.

I also recommend that you watch the video tutorial on the Instagram page Revival to have a better insight into eye makeup.