Five Best Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials on Youtube

It is very evident that many ladies prefer to watch tutorials instead of reading blogs or fashion-related articles. Why? It’s very simple. They prefer getting an idea of each and every move, and it gives them a better picture of how to apply makeup, what to be used, and what to be avoided. Moreover, they can also see for themselves whether their face cut and brows resemble those of the tutorial model or not and this gives them a better insight into the overall look that they will be carrying once they follow the tutorial.

This article will throw light on five of the best smokey eye makeup tutorials on Youtube. You need to go through this article if you are looking for the best smokey eye makeup tutorials.

1. Huda Best Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial on Youtube

This Iraqi beauty has one of the best tutorials on Youtube. On her channel, you can find multiple smokey eye makeup tutorials. The best part about her tutorials is that she tends to use the cosmetics that we usually at home. Good news girls! You don’t need to spend extensive amounts on cosmetics to get your eyes done.

Here it is worth mentioning that she has particular expertise in eye makeup, and it’s quite evident from her skills. Her makeup skills are quite exceptional, and this is why we recommend you to go through her channel to find the best eye makeup tutorial for yourself.

2. Zukreat Doable Smokey Eye Makeup

It is impossible to miss Zukreat when it comes to the most amazing makeup techniques discussion.

Zukreat, the founder, and Artist of Makeup Cosmetics is a famous Youtuber. Her channel contains numerous videos about fashion and makeup. But what intrigues us is her doable smokey eye makeup. She begins by using an eye primer and continuing with a light nude eyeshade.

She has a different technique for applying smokey eye makeup. Mostly she prefers to use a thick black eyeliner that goes up to her crease and then she smudges the eyeliner with a fine brush and blends it with a dark brown or black color.

She is amazing and is a pro at what she does. It is a must that you watch her tutorials!

3. Amanda Ensing- Valentine’s Black Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

This pretty girl with hazel eyes looks just more attractive when she applies smokey eye makeup. Her ability to apply and blend the perfect smokey eye makeup amazes me. It is beyond perfection! So all the girls out there with colored eyes can now follow Amanda to get the best eye makeup.

The best part about her tutorials is that she actually follows all the instructions that are usually mentioned in makeup blogs etc. She would teach you as if you are a beginner and this makes it easier for all the viewers to apply similar eye makeup step by step and get the perfect smokey eyes.

4. Mario Dedivanovic Smokey eyes makeup of Kim Kardashian

Farah Dhukai on her Youtube channel presents one of the best celebrities inspired makeup tutorials. It’s amazing to see her put on almost the same makeup that Mario applies to Kim Kardashian’s face. Personally, I love the smokey blue eye makeup tutorial with the red lips. I mean what’s not there to love about that tutorial? The contouring is on point, the eye makeup is beyond attractive, and the blue color is! It is simply amazing!

I love the way Farah applies the blue eyeshade on her lower lash line. It just adds a more subtle look! Girls who are interested in wearing the colored smokey eye makeup should follow Farah and watch her tutorials to experiment with different colors.

5. Maya Mia’s Smouldering Smokey Eye Makeup

Is it possible that you are talking about the best smokey eye makeup tutorials on Youtube, and you forget Maya? I don’t think so. Her smokey eye makeup tutorial has the highest views on Youtube and shows up first when this topic is searched on Youtube. No doubt it is the best one! I mean just look at the transformation that Maya does. It astonishes me to see something so perfect and flawless.

She has a beautiful face and with that makeup on, she just looks flattering! Follow her if you want to get the perfect and flawless smokey eye makeup.