The Correct Glitter Nail Polish Application Method Revealed!

In the girl world, glitter nail polish is one of the main aspects of beauty statements. From matte finished to a glossy sheen, from metallic based to gaudy glitters, there is no girl alive who hasn’t tried all!

However, the question is, are you applying your glitter nail polish correctly? While it might seem simple to create direct strokes on the fingernails from the inner corner to the outer, the fact is that there is more to the trick of lawlessness!

If you feel your glitter nail polish isn’t as glittery as shown on the bottle, you must be doing something wrong. Whereas extra coats of the glitz can deepen the color effect, they, in turn, become gloppy and super bumpy!

If your nails also lack glamor and are lackluster, step up and opt for the correct application methods and reveal the beauty of the perfect manicure.

The Base Coat

Start off with a base. A base coat is essential when applying any regular nail polish. In case you aim for glittery glam, never forget to apply the base coat.

The base layer doesn’t only hold the nail polish together but also gives the final color an intensified sheen. If you are choosing silver glitter nail enamel as the primary, you can always apply plain white or matte silver nail-colored polish as the base coat.

The Liquid Latex

Do you have trouble when your nail polish reaches your cuticles?
No more Fretting! Simply apply a layer of liquid latex around your nails before applying your nail polish.

The Sponge Technique

So girls, in order to get the perfect shimmery gloss, go for a soft sponge method!
Since you are about to sacrifice your sponge for the precious manicure, I might add using a cheap, throw-away sponge.

Do not use your expensive makeup blenders as after the glittery nails, the sponge will not be in a condition to be reused on the face. However, you can reuse it on your nails.

After applying a layer of latex, merely load up your sponge with your favorite glitter nail enamel and start dabbing onto the nail.

The trick is to dab until every part of the nail is covered in glitter. Voila!

Top Coat

After you have your perfect chunky glittery nails dabbed on, apply a top coat to preserve them completely. While the glitter spots can crack and be removed easily, the top coat will sustain them for a day or two effortlessly.

If you don’t own a top coat by OPI or Essence, paint a clear nail enamel coat as an alternative.

After your nails have dried completely, slowly peel off the latex layer, and Yay! You are done.

Now that you have the dazzling sparkly nail manicure done and ready to be shown off, why sit back? Click a few snaps, share them with your friends, and flaunt your nails in style on your next outing!

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