Best Kiss Proof Long Lasting Lipsticks

Highly Branded Lipsticks

Lipsticks are a fashion statement that cannot be compromised at any cost. We all love to wear liquid lipsticks hoping they will last the whole evening without forming any creases or crumbling apart. While all lipstick brands advertise their long-lasting effects, vibrant colors, and moisturizing abilities, are they all actually true or is it a hoax? In my perception, you shouldn’t focus on ‘spending more to get high-quality products’, but instead be aware of your own skin type. While the lipstick X will work best for you, it might not work well for me!

With that said, the other factor that is also important is the kind of environment you live in. If you reside in a sunny and humid city with temperatures burning up to 40 degrees, you cannot expect the lipstick to stick to your lips the whole day. Yes, with a cooler atmosphere, you can definitely expect the opposite.

However, nonetheless, we need the perfect lipstick that lasts long, looks beautiful, and doesn’t get you frustrated by looking for it inside your bag for touch-ups now and then.

Below is a list of highly branded lipsticks and when put to the test, a witness of which lipstick gave the desired results.

Makeup forever (Aqua Rogue Lip color)

This two-in-one long-lasting lipstick promises 8-hour longevity. Once you decide to apply it, you need to use the matte color first followed by a moisturizing lip gloss as the top coat. As shown in the second picture, you get the perfect naturally nude lips. The lip gloss starts to settle in, making your lips fuller looking and more beautiful.

Testing Stage: As shown in the third picture, after 6 hours of eating, drinking, playing with the lips, smiling, and sneezing, the lipstick was still somewhat intact. The lip gloss had faded away, leaving behind partially dried lips with a shadow of the matte color. As the next two hours approached, the lips looked and felt completely dry with the matte effect also fading to the max. In the eighth hour, the lips screamed for a second application altogether.

Result: Super stay considering such a light, nude color. Can be easily worn to work, daytime field trips, and definitely to dinner for a few hours.

MAC Pro (Long-wear Lip Crème)

Mac is considered one of the kings when it comes to lipsticks. Mac offers a broad range of colors, textures, and shades to choose from. Let’s see how MAC did when put to the test.

Testing Stage: When applied in the morning, MAC Pro was creamy luscious, and vibrant. It moisturized the lips to the core which made the user wonder, will it really last for 12 hours as advertised? After wearing it for just some hours, eating, drinking, and chattering nonstop, the lipstick faded away immensely. The texture became mottled and unpleasant.

Result: The Mac Pro Lip Crème, unfortunately, lasts only a few hours. It can be worn to a dinner or for a quick get-together.

Bourjois (Hot Pepper Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick)

This spectacular color is obviously your new favorite from first sight. Although it is applied with a wand, just like a lip gloss, it, however, leaves a velvety effect just like NYX creamy lipsticks. The rouge edition consists of many colors so get your hands on your favorite go-to shade and flaunt away.

Testing stage: The lip color promises a 24-hour lasting result, but we all know this can never be true. Hence, when put to the test, firstly the outer plastic wrap was extremely hard to tear off. Secondly, as soon as you apply it, the lipstick reveals an unpleasant odor that eventually vanishes, but still. Approximately after one hour, the color turns matte instead of glossy and sticks well to the lips. As soon as you reach time 6, the color fades away, leaving behind a blotchy stain.

Result: The lip color is pretty but when it comes to the bargain, why spend your precious dollars when you can get other dupes at lesser prices with better qualities?

Stila (All day liquid Lip color)

Stila is a famous brand that needs no introduction. The (all-day liquid) range has different colors in gorgeous bright shades which have either a creamy or a matte effect. It’s your choice. The shade used here is (Fiery).

Testing Stage: The application is effortless apart from maneuvering the wand size at the outer edge which seems to be bigger. The application definitely requires skills as to whether you are covering the lips properly or not. After application, the lips left a creamy, shiny effect. As soon as the time passed, the lips became more matte and seemed to settle. After drinking coffee and munching on snacks, the color appears to stay in place. From hour four to six, the lip became dry and the color crumbled off right from the lower center lip as shown in the picture.

Result: The lipstick was smooth and lasted as much as it promised.

Maybelline Super Stay (24-Hour Color)

Maybelline is an amazing brand that offers everything ranging from lip colors to eye makeup. The best part is that it is not that pricey. Let’s leap onto the testing.

Testing Stage: The lip color has beautiful packaging, unlike other lipsticks. The lipstick is a dual-sided stick, and one hand has a vibrant lip shade while the other is a plain white balm. As instructed, the lip color goes first. After 2-5 minutes of drying the first coat, you need to apply the balm. If perfectly dried, the lip color doesn’t transfer to the balm. The lips stay moisturized and healthy looking for the first few hours. Upon drinking and eating, the color slightly fades away but still remains presentable. After 20 hours, the color fades away completely, leaving behind a hint of color. The best part: The lips still appear natural and need no reapplication!

Result: Maybelline Super Stay wins the test accurately and is perfect for long days out on shopping, field trips, and every day else.

Yay! So it is easy to say that Maybelline got the first position, Stila the second, Makeup Forever as third, and Bourjois and Mac respectively. You might have a different arrangement. However, the main point is, what is best for you, not everyone else’s reviews. Enjoy!