Beauty Trends To Recreate From New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week sets beauty and style trends each year for the upcoming seasons. It is famous for its chicness and boldness. This year again it didn’t disappoint us. It emphasized certain new beauty trends that most of us will be following in the next season. Let’s have a look at the stylish sophistication and wild stand-out trends that we observed on the runway throughout the week.

1. The all-glittery look

We have recently seen the introduction of glitter on runways. From dresses to makeup, glitter is being used. Glitter took over eyelids, lips, and nails! I must say we are going to have a very glittery 2017. I loved the glittery eyeliner the most. It is one of those cosmetics that leave a glorious sheen adding a glow to your entire look.

2. Unique hairstyles

From wet hair look too flat iron smooth hair, from the sun-kissed blonde models with beach waves to desert chic hairstyles, we saw a variety of cool new hairstyles. Unique and amazing! So the next season we will be going with either the too-sleek hair that is secured back or will go with the natural wavy hair that we get after shampooing.  I think these hairstyles are very youthful and fresh. What do you say?

3. A blast of technicolor lips

Didn’t you guys love the lip colors most models had put on? I totally loved them. Most of the collection of various designers was in blacks and beiges, so technically the only bright thing that we observed was the lip color. From blue to neon orange, red and pink combination, purple and black mixture!

I think all the trends were quite doable and affordable. So let’s try these fashion pieces!