50 Best Gifts For Your Mom This Holiday Season (yeah this Christmas too)

Best Gift for mom

As holidays are coming, gifts are of course a thing everyone is going to be concerned about. The superwoman of your life deserves more than just a gift card or a wish over the text, she deserves something extra special. If you are in a fix about what to get your mother dearest this holiday season, it’s time for your worries to end because right here are a list 50 ideas of the best gift for mom on this Christmas holiday. So, get ready because we are going on a shopping spree!

Best Gift for Mom

A Classic, Pearl Bracelet (6.5-7mm) –  Buy It Here For $40.84

Sterling Silver Three-Row A Quality White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Bracelet (6.5-7mm)

Pearls have always been a beautiful choice of jewelry in all eras so this holiday, wrap these three rows of classic, freshwater pearls on your mom’s wrist and which will make her smile just as brightly!

A Stylish Glass Mug (Or two) – Buy It Here For $24.95

A Stylish Glass Mug

Gift your mother this set of sophisticated and stylish glassware, which would be all the more reason to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with your mum.

Comfort of a Cardigan – Buy It Here For $91.00

Comfort of a Cardigan

Another way of keeping your mom warm and comfortable other than your love this holiday is giving her this lovely, printed cardigan as a gift.


Pen, enough said! – Buy It Here For $122.70

Pen, enough said!

A pen is a perfect give for any occasion to give to your parents, siblings, friends or anyone! For that reason, this slick, refillable pen by Mont Blanc is one of the best options as a gift for your mother this season.

More Comfort In The Form of Slippers – Buy It Here For $64.99 – $90.00

These cozy, furry slippers made of animal skin and fur would make a wonderful holiday gift for your mummy so she can walk around comfortably with the rubber sole giving her a fine support. Also, they’re water-resistant!

More Glassware! – Buy It Here For $56.00

More Glassware!

Don’t know why, but mothers all over the world seem to love glassware, so why not give your mother this set of elegant, crystal glass, stemmed wine glasses?

Luxury with Bath Salts: – Buy It Here For $25.99

Luxury with Bath Salts

Your mother deserves a good, relaxing bath after everything she does for the family, so make it more calming and luxurious with this set of organic bath bombs, each with different, soothing scents. How cool is that?

Epilator: – Buy It Here For $26.99


Who doesn’t like their skin smooth and soft? Braun Silk-épil 5 with impressive hair-removal and massage system would be a great gift to give your mother so she can have better skincare.

Manicure Any Time: – Buy It Here For $29.99

Manicure Any Time

With this mini manicure grooming kit that she can carry around with her, your mother can give her hands the attention they deserve anywhere, anytime. It comes in a leather case, so she won’t be missing out on style either!

Portable Pedicure: – Buy It Here For $14.95

Portable Pedicure

Like hands, feet can demand care at anytime. Your mother would definitely love this stainless steel, personal grooming pedicure kit so, make sure to get this for her as a gift this holiday!

For The Love of Hands! – Buy It Here For $12.68

For The Love of Hands

Hands suffer most of the roughness of work, whether at home or outside, and demand some love. Provide that love that your mother’s hands require with this hand repair set by Burt’s Bees which contains two nourishing hand creams, a revitalizing cuticle cream, and a pair of soft, cotton gloves. A perfect gift, right?

Drinks On The Go! – Buy It Here For $16.98

Drinks On The Go!

If your mother likes to take her drinks to-go with her, this super cool looking, sleek black, stainless steel travel mug would be the perfect gift for give her.

Totes tote! – Buy It Here For $68.94

Totes tote!

This is another way for your mother to carry her stuff around with convenience and style, so cow could this multi patch, chic looking tote bag not be an excellent gift to give her?

Coffee Maker: – Buy It Here For $15.99

Coffee Maker

This super easy to use, single-button startup coffee maker by Black & Decker with a great helping hand for your mother to have her coffee fix every morning to kick start her day!

Clutch: – Buy It Here For $23.33


If your mother needs to carry only a small amount of belongings, this gorgeous lace clutch by Jessica McClintock is the right answer, which also means it is the best gift to give her this holiday.

A Little Added Glam: – Buy It Here For $10.99

A Little Added Glam

Have your mum celebrate this holiday season in with a little extra style with this classy leather belt with a gold buckle which will provide additional glamour in any dress.

Style and Safety For Her iPhone: – Buy It Here For $8.99

Style and Safety For Her iPhone

iPhone, money, cards, they carry it all! These leather covers don’t just serve as iPhone covers, but also as wallets so here’s another gift that will make your mum smile this holiday.

Decoration: – Buy It Here For $13.97


Mothers love home décor and we know it. This graceful, white vase will serve as a beautiful piece of decoration in any home or office, therefore serving as nice gift as well.

Her Very Own P.C: – Buy It Here For  $449.00

Her Very Own PC

Whether she needs it for work or for leisure, having her own computer would be a great ease in her life. For that reason, ASUS Touchscreen Chromebook Flip is the perfect gift to give her with it’s grand 12.5 inch screen and satisfactory performance.

Gain Fashion Points with Scarf: – Buy It Here For $34.95

Gain Fashion Points with Scarf1

Your mom is sure to gain some plus points in her outfit with these fashionable, long line printed scarves by Joules, so wrap these up as this season’s holiday gift for her!

Holiday Season = Socks! – Buy It Here For $40.00

Holiday Season = Socks!

Holiday season celebrations can just not be complete without socks! So make sure to keep your mom happy and her feet warm and cozy with these artistically printed, cotton socks by Happy Socks.

Hair Spa – Buy It Here For $23.60

Hair Spa

Sounds good, right? If your mom has damaged hair that is in need of some love, Loreal Paris Hair Spa Repairing Creambath would be the ideal gift to give her so she can regain her beautiful hair.

Safety with Style: – Buy It Here For $239.99

This cool pair of gradient sunglasses by Tiffany and Co. would be just right to provide protection for her eyes against the sunlight, all the while keeping her stylish look intact.

Chic Keychain: – Buy It Here For $17.95

Chic Keychain

Just like pens, key chain is also the perfect gift to give to anyone on any occasion. This Lilly Rocket silver key chain with an intricately designed, heart shaped pendant studded with Swarovski crystals is sure to elicit a gasp of pleasant surprise from your mom when she receives it as a gift, try it!

Pillow, why not? – Buy It Here For $29.99

Pillow, why not?

Pillow to rest your head on, pillow to place your feet on, pillow to put in your lap, pillow to scream in, so why not gift a pillow to your mummy? Try this monochrome, floral printed pillow by Anthropologie as a gift for your mom to add to her comfy holiday.

Pearls Are Forever! – Buy It Here For $55.08

Pearls Are Forever!

Honestly, pearls are always in style, and a pearl necklace just adds a hundred more elegance points to your classy look. Your mom would 100% love this gift of a freshwater pearl necklace.

Zara Women Long jacket: – Buy It Here For $109.95


Love your mom going out and about in comfort and style, sporting this fashionable Zara jacket with fringing at the hem which just adds to the look.

More Style, This Time For Hair (NuMe Lustrum Bundle)  – Buy It Here For $199.00

More Style, This Time For Hair

If your mom likes to keep hair in style, the NuMe Lustrum Bundle is without a doubt the perfect gift to give her. This bundle contains the best tools to style your hair, and they come in a sturdy black zip case!

Cake Decoration Kit: – Buy It Here For $13.14

Cake Decoration Kit

Does your mother love baking and decorating those baked goods? Are you looking for a gift to give her this holiday season? Then this Decoration Set by Wilton is just the thing you’ve been looking for. You’re welcome.

Foot Massager: – Buy It Here For $139.99

Foot Massager

A good, relaxing massage can wash away the tiredness that comes after a long day of hard work, many of which a mother surely experiences. Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager with its deep kneading facility will definitely gain your mom’s approval.

Portable Charger: – Buy It Here For  $27.99

Portable Charger

With the fast moving world, we sometimes forget to charge our gadgets, which make us regret not doing so when we leave the house. In this case, a portable charger comes in handy, which also makes it a very useful gift. ROMOSS Power Bank for smartphones with its ultra satisfactory performance will surely serve as a helpful gift which one can make good use of.

Fitness With Detox: – Buy It Here For $7.95

Fitness With Detox

If your mum likes to keep her fitness in check, a Detox Water Bottle is the gift you’ve been looking for. This season, help her stay fresh and fit with this Fitness Master leak-proof Fruit Infuser Water Bottle!

A Complete Set of Coziness: – Buy It Here For  $179.40

A Complete Set of Coziness

Since there is no limit to comfort, specially on a holiday or if you’re travelling, this Cashmere Travel Set by Lark&Ro is the perfect gift for your mom this season, complete with the comfort necessities including an eye mask, shawl, socks, and a zipper pouch!

Books, of course!  – Buy It Here For $18.16

Books, of course!

Books top the list of perfect gifts for any occasion! So this holiday, give your mom a nice novel to enjoy her leisure time, like “Happy Family” by Tracy Barone, in which she can read about the interesting life of Cheri Matzner!

Grow Your Own Garden:  – Buy It Here For $149.95

Grow Your Own Garden

For those moms who have a knack for gardening, this AeroGarden indoor gardening kit is the perfect gift so they can grow their own herbs, flowers etc inside the house!

Bedding Set: – Buy It Here For $99.00

Bedding Set

Another great gift to give your mom this holiday can be this beautiful and comfortable Lush Décor bedding set which includes a bed skirt, a comforter, and two decorative pillow cases!

Candles, for sure! – Buy It Here For $19.97

Candles, for sure!

Holiday seasons + Candles = Brilliant gift idea, right? So go for this soothing Eucalyptus and Spearmint scented Aromatherapy candle by Bath & Body Works to gift your mum to relax her mind and body.

Makeup Kit: – Buy It Here For $187.49

Makeup Kit

“Dreamy Look In A Clutch” This just screams “ A perfect gift”! Get your mom this fabulous “Dreamy Look In A Clutch” makeup kit by Charlotte Tilbury so she can carry her dreamy look around and use it whenever and wherever she wants.

Anti Aging Kit:  – Buy It Here For $34.55

Anti Aging Kit

Any mother is sure to love this anti-aging kit which will be a true gift as she grows older (but no less beautiful) so get this Miracle Worker Anti-Aging collection by Philosophy to gift your mum this season.

Perfume For Moms!  – Buy It Here For $45.53


“Bright Crystal” by Versace is a wonderful gift to give your mother for this holiday. It is a sweet, musky, floral, and fruity scent which any classy lady like your mum is sure to love.

Sheet Masks:  – Buy It Here For $22.00 Sheet Masks

Gift your mother a little pampering for her face with a set of this natural pulp, nourishing “I’m Real” sheet masks set by Tony Moly.

Mum’s Own Tablet:  – Buy It Here For $69.99

Having your own computer is a blessing, but having your own computer that is easy to carry around and doesn’t take up much space is an even bigger blessing! Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite is the ideal gift to give your mum so she can have her computer with her any time, whether it’s in the kitchen to follow a recipe or beside a pool to enjoy reading!

Picture Perfect Holiday!  – Buy It Here For  $141.78

A camera would be the perfect gift for your mom this season so she can capture the joyous moments of the holiday and make them last forever. Canon Powers shot Digital Camera will be a great option if you choose this gift, with its 20.0 MP sharp results, built-in Wi-Fi, and so much more!

Gold Metallic Wallet:  – Buy It Here For $45.50

Just so she can carry her cards and money around with all the glam of a classy lady, the Emma Rfid Metallic Cutch by Fossil would make an awesome gift for your mother this holiday!

Travel Journal: – Buy It Here For  $12.95

If you’re still looking for a gift to give your mother on this holiday, this Sea white Classic Travel Journal could be another cool gift item so she can write down or draw whatever she needs to.

Knit Convertible Gloves:  – Buy It Here For $15.99


To give as a holiday gift, gloves would be a cute and comfy idea, specially these cute, convertible mittens by Golden Toe. Plus point is, the thumbs in these beauties are touch screen friendly!

Excuse for Workout:  – Buy It Here For $35.12 – $83.04

Excuse for Workout

Gift your mom these pumped up Adidas running shoes so, she can have an excuse to slip on these shoes and go for a run.

Gold-Tone Watch and Bracelet Set: – Buy It Here For $49.99

The Time Has Come

Holiday season is the right time to give your mother this beautiful wrist watch and bracelet with Swarovski crystals set by Anne Klein!

Nail Polish Set: – Buy It Here For $19.95

Nail Polish Set

Style your mom up with this set of gorgeous nail colors by O.P.I, it’s a great gift set, indeed!

Choose the best gift for mom on this holiday and show her how much you love her.

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