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What Kind Of Camera Do I Need As A Makeup Artist?

camera for makeup artist

The only way to write down the beauty of a mesmerizing makeup look is to capture that in the camera. The most important thing for a makeup artist is how one should portray their makeup portfolio to the world. A good camera is a must have to capture every detail of your talent that you have spent hours on.

Whether you are a professional makeup artist who works with top-notch brands, a makeup salon owner who is an expert in wedding makeup of all sorts or a social media influencer who teaches makeup to the world, you need a good quality camera to up your business game a little.

If your audience and potential customers will be able to see your flawless makeup application, your precision, and creativity they are sure to be drawn towards you.

The question,” which is the best camera for a makeup artist?” must have arisen in your mind.

So, here we are with the best selling cameras on Amazon with a guide for which camera is perfect for what kind of makeup artist. Let’s get started!

What To Look For In A Camera:

There are so many camera options available on the market which makes it quite easy to lose track of what you actually need.

Even though DSLR cameras these days are packed with amazing, and high tech features, but these are the five main things that you need to look for when you are investing in a camera as a makeup artist:

  • Macro Settings:
    As a makeup artist or beauty influencer, you might need to take close up shots of your makeup look and the products you have used to create it. Look for a camera that offers macro settings so you can capture the details of your work up close.
  • Adjustable screen:
    Sometimes it can be a nightmare to take pictures directly from the DSLR on your own. If your screen can be twisted towards the direction of the lens, taking self-portraits will be a whole easier. If you are a vlogger, you will need this feature quite a lot.
  • Long Lasting Battery:
    You don’t want your camera to die in amidst filming, right? Cameras with long-lasting batteries are a life saver especially when you are recording videos. Go for a camera that allows you to make the most out of its battery.
  • Video & Audio:
    If your goal is to film good makeup videos, then look for a DSLR camera that allows you record videos and features a quality built-in mic in it. The better the video and audio quality, the more the views.
  • Light Sensitive:
    Filming indoors can result in dark and gloomy pictures. To avoid this issue opt for cameras with higher light sensitivity, so your photos always come out sharp, bright and vibrant without the need of studio lights and illuminators.

What Camera To Get To Cater Your Specific Needs:

For Makeup Salon Owner:

If you are a makeup salon owner, then making a catalog of professional makeup shots with scenic backgrounds must be your top priority.

You need a high-quality DSLR camera that is perfect for indoor and outdoor photography. A camera that can take ideal portrait pictures while defining all your features sharply and capturing the true tones of your makeup masterpiece.

Black Magic Design Studio Camera 4K 2 (Price: $1,695) camera is the perfect option for you.

auto focusThis camera offers ultra HD results with the best autofocus feature available to make sure your portfolio is out of this world.professinalIn the era of digital portfolios, this camera is a makeup artist’s best friend.

For Freelance Makeup Artist:

Since 2015 various freelance makeup artists have emerged, who are struggling hard to make their way to the top.

The chances of getting noticed as a makeup artist depend on how you display your makeup skills.

Your makeup portfolio is a collection of your best works and proof that you know what you are doing.

The stronger the portfolio, the more the jobs. Since spending a lot on a high-end camera would not be a good idea while you are freelancing, go for affordable options that provide more features.canonFor example, Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera Kit (Price: $364.82) that provide 18 MP picture quality and comes with a high-performance optical viewfinder that helps smooth focusing by firmly drafting and capturing the even the smallest details of the makeup look you have created.


Canon Powershot SX60 16.1MP Digital Camera (Price: $429) is also loved by most freelancers because of its high-quality optical image stabilizer provides sharp and steady pictures. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor makeup shoot that will help you add variety to your portfolio.

For Beauty Influencer:

It is the era of social media, and we get most of our daily life inspiration from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. If you share your talent and your love for makeup on the Internet using social media and want to turn it into a business, then you need a good quality DSLR to showcase your makeup looks and also your favorite beauty products.



As a beauty influencer on social media, you will find yourself posting close-ups of makeup looks or swatches of our favorite makeup products.

This camera also features built-in WiFi so you can directly share your pictures without the hassle of transferring them to your computer first.


You can also get your hands on GoPro HERO5 Black (Price: $249.99) to document your vacations with the brands or even family and share it with your thousands of followers on social media.

under water

It is waterproof so the mandatory underwater shot flaunting your waterproof make up would be no fuss.

For Online Makeup Tutor:

YouTube is now a hub for all makeup artists and in the YouTube language, “Makeup Gurus” to share their makeup skills and tips.

Beauty vlogging is not only a hobby but also a fast-growing business.

YouTubers earn thousands of dollars by the quality of their content that they are putting out.

Canon EOS Rebel T5i

A good DSLR video camera is required to make a high-quality makeup video for Youtube. Canon EOS Rebel T5i 18.0 MP Digital SLR Touchscreen Camera Kit ($ 528) is loved by many top-grossing YouTubers around the world.

video camera t5i

This camera is rated as the best entry-level cameras for shooting videos.

It has a 9 point autofocus which makes it intelligent regarding what you are trying to capture so, it will not focus on the background again and again while you are filming an outstanding makeup look.

For Professional Makeup Artist:

If you are a professional makeup artist who works with renowned makeup, and fashion brands and you are known for your ultimate signature looks and the creativity you put into your work, you need to save it down in one place.

A professional makeup artist always has the most top quality portfolio showcasing his mad makeup skills which makes him eligible to work with the best brands worldwide.

Whether you have created an ultra modern masterpiece for the runway or an uber chic look for a brand catalog, a good camera is a tool that will capture the essence of your talent.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon EOS 5D Mark III (Price: $2349.95) is the camera that catches the most accurate skin tones because of its ultra smart sensor. It provides the best quality RAW and JPG file with the least noise.

It is a choice of various professional makeup artists around the globe because of its ultra HD results.

Fujifilm FinePix S8600

You can also opt for Fujifilm FinePix S8600 16 MP Digital Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD (Price: $149.99) if you are looking for a pocket-friendly option that provides high-end results.

It is compact enough to be carried around and with the help of its 25 to 900 mm lens make sure no detail of your work stays undocumented.


These top cameras on Amazon are loved by top makeup artists worldwide because of the exceptional results and user-friendly system these DSLRs provide.

Since we have now provided you with easy DSLR guide for your specific needs, get your hands on your desired camera and kick your makeup photography game up a notch. Trust your skills and out it out for the world to see!

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