Winterize Your Skin

Between heated indoors and cold and windy outdoors, winter is the dry skin season.  You might be thinking about hibernating during this winter season but for your knowledge, you still won’t be able to save yourself from the dry and blistery skin. In any case, your skin has to face the drying elements like low temperatures and cold wind until you follow a proper winter skincare regimen. Here is where you can get best techniques to winterize your skin.

To keep your skin hydrated, soft and healthy, it is important to keep the moisturizing tools right on your nightstand. There are certain products and remedies for keeping the skin moisturized during winters. We are here with some common winter skin problems and what you can do to deal with them.

Winterize Your Skin

Here are few great techniques to help you winterize your skin.

Problem: Dry & Tight Facial Skin

If you’re having this problem, don’t forget to apply hydrating mask overnight for about three to four times a week. Hydrating Gel Mask by Living Nature is really effective for that purpose. These masks are thicker than the night creams and they work better while you sleep without blocking your pores. Look for the products that have omega oils and hyaluronic acid such as Radiant anti-aging serums.

Problem: Chapped Lips

We often get runny noses that make us breathe through our mouth. This makes our thin hair suffers the most during the winter season. Once fissured and cracked lips can take a lot of time to heal because we’re continuously using them to speak and eat all day. It is recommended to use a lip serum with sugar. It will keep your lips moisturized.

Problem: Parched, Itchy Arms & Legs

Indoor heating and hot showers suck all the moisture off our skin which in turn, makes it itchy. It is advised to use a thick moisturizer like body butter instead of a cream or lotion. Thick formulas will help your skin get re-energized and will take all the flakiness off. They also help to form a barrier on your skin that blocks moisture loss. Skin Hydration Complex by Cellex-C is high in emollients and oils.

Problem: Skin Dehydration

We often have dry heating systems that further contribute to dehydrating our skin. It is recommended to use a humidifier that releases water vapors while providing heat. These vapors keep your skin hydrated. Get the humidifier that uses disposable water bottles.

Problem: Flaky Patches on Body

We all have some areas of our body that are already dry and winter season make them even drier. For instance, our elbows. Similarly, the area between nose and lips is also prone to dryness because of excessive nose-blowing. Try using a multi-purpose balm because usually these balms are suitable for every type of skin and are helpful in soothing the irritated patches.

Problem: Dark Under-Eye Circles

Under-eye areas are quite sensitive and therefore, are easily damaged by the windy cold weather. Lack of sunlight can take a major toll on this specific area. You experience under-eye discoloration due to excessive dryness. It is advised to use a hydrating and brightening formula to minimize the damage.

Follow the tips to winterize your skin and get the perfect and smooth skin for the winters.