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Yes, online shopping is slowly taking over the world. A survey conducted by analytics comScore and UPS reveals that people are currently buying more products on the internet compared to brick and mortar stores.

E-commerce has grown tremendously over the past decade. This is owing to the development of mobile apps which make it possible for many people use their smartphones Online Shopping. Statistics show that 80% of shoppers use a mobile phone inside a store to look up the reviews or to compare prices.

As a result of the ever-increasing market demands, the Wall Street Journal estimated 190 million U.S consumers would shop online by the end of 2017. The same applies to use of smartphones for Online Shopping as currently, 62% of smartphone owners have bought goods using their phone over the past six months.

Online shopping allows people to acquire products which may not be produced in their country. It is also a stress-free process, after which you just sit back and wait for the delivery services.

Convenient as it may be, Online Shopping from a smartphone could pose some security if you are not cautious.

A possible scenario would be when hyperlinks on an affiliate websites redirect you to a site that caught your attention. After looking around, you find an item you would like to buy, and you decide to key in your credit card number.

Unless you have the necessary protection apps, you would have no idea whether the site is legitimate or a phishing site. So if it is a phishing site, you will have delivered your AMEX number to a criminal. Needless to say what to expect after that. Text messages, emails, and QR codes could pose similar threats.

Even if you do not necessarily provide your personal information, a nefarious site could explore a weak point in your browser. Once this access has been acquired, your phone and any personal information it contains is exposed to cybercriminals.

Scary as it may sound, you should not drop the idea of Online Shopping from your smartphone altogether. There are various ways one can be safe while shopping on their phones:

  1. Make sure the status bar of the specific website has a padlock. This indicates transaction security.
  2.  Avoid visiting unfamiliar websites.
  3.  Do not shop on unsecured or public WiFi networks. Hackers can intercept data as most of these systems are not encrypted
  4.  Use complex passwords as these are not readily cracked.
  5. Make sure the security and antivirus software on your phone is updated. Among the best security applications for your smartphone are Incognito and Anti Spy.

A person spying on your smartphone can listen in on your conversations, read all email and text messages, access the call log and browser history and so much more. It is almost unimaginable how easily people without anti-spyware are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Incognito and Anti Spy have tools which enable them to detect where the spy is hiding on your phone and to remove it. They are also equipped to locate applications from an unknown source and identify active device administrator apps.

Be safe and enjoy Online Shopping from your smartphone anywhere anytime. Let’s make history together.

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