Over the years, the mattresses are deteriorating. The flanges are fewer firms. Its springs are forcing you to find new positions, more comfortable. The padding has slowly deteriorated.Remember the date or, at least the period to which you bought together. If it’s been more than a decade. It is time to move from a retailer. Discover how to choose a mattress!

The firmness

Choosing a good bed is based on several elements. Basically, the quality of support depends on the weight of the sleeper.

  1. A heavier person, medium, will choose a firmer mattress.
  2. A larger sleeper will be comfortable on a mattress less firm: its weight is distributed over a larger area.

The height

Once the firmness of your particular layer, you must choose the size of your bed ideally. You should add 15 to 20 cm to your waist. It’s a simple question for comfort.

The width

Concerning to widths, they are well known to be the single bed (90 cm / 39 inches), double bed (120 cm / 54 inches)

You sleep in the same bed as your partner, but if you are of different size and weight. Never mind. You will find on the market, a so-called bed “twin”. There are two mattresses on the same bed frame and joined by a zipper or Velcro.

Each mattress adapted to the sleeper, provide him comfortable nights. When the size of the room allows, many prefer to make a custom bed frame and install two mattresses of 90 cm (single). You have the choice.

The mattress

You selected the mattress to suit your needs. Now you need to choose the mattress that will ensure your comfort for years.

In spring, foam, latex, the choice is great. You must read customer reviews before buying a mattress. You can read reviews about mattresses on

The foam

The foam mattress remains the cheaper alternative to a life of sometimes less than its competitors. Its thickness and density determine firmness. The high resilience foam, however, provides proactive support and reacts to your movements.


The spring mattress, for its part, is a good choice for people who sweat or are allergic to dust mites. Also, the mattress whose springs are individually pocketed offers a good compromise for those light sleepers who are bothered by the movements of their spouse.


Finally, latex mattresses are the best choice. In a long life, they offer the healthiest conditions, particularly in regard to mites.

They are generally more flexible and deform less rapidly than their competitors. However, you must unite the cords of your purse to purchase the mattress that will provide years of loyal service.

The topper

Some also opt for a mattress topper to ensure their comfort and/or to protect their investment. You can find natural materials or synthetic materials.

The first, in feathers and down, are warmer in summer while those of cotton or bamboo offer cooler in summer.

Synthetic products, in turn, react to body heat and follow the shape of your body.


You will also find on the market, water beds. These follow the shape of the body and ensure a restful sleep.

However, they must be sufficiently filled to avoid this bed model is very heavy. You must ensure that the structure of your home can receive this additional weight to avoid finding yourself on the lower floor.

These beds are available in several forms.

The pillows

Often overlooked, the pillows are of importance on the quality of your sleep. After choosing your mattress and box spring, choose a quality pillow, more or less firm (depending on your comfort level). Ideally, your body will recover once horizontally, the same position and vertically. This is the best guarantee of comfort.

Choose a firm pillow if you sleep on your side, more flexible if you sleep on your back and very soft if you like to sleep on your stomach.

Also, remember that all pillows. Even those feathers are machine washable. Once clean, put them in the dryer to warm temperature. For your pillows remain properly inflated, put a tennis ball in your dryer.

If you feel the springs of the mattress, if it does not quickly return to its original shape when you get up or it hollow in the middle, change your diaper. Also, remember that a firm mattress is also bad for your back than a soft mattress.

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