MyPillow has managed to gain an impressive reputation for themselves in the sleeping accessories industry, making them inherently a famous household name. MyPillow’s sales boomed when the company started airing late-night infomercials promoting their pillow to people were unable to sleep at night.

MyPillow’s speciality that sets them apart from other pillow manufacturing companies is that offer four different fill levels for their pillow, catering different comfort levels for almost all type of sleepers. We will talk about these essential aspects further when we go deeper into My Pillow reviews., which you can check out in

MyPillow has excellent user ratings and their ability to offer a variable array of firmness levels has placed them ahead of the pillow industry game.


MyPillow was created by founder Michael J. Lindell when he found the perfect open-cell poly foam that could offer excellent comfort, breathability and support when made into a pillow. The pillow comes with a cover that is made of 100% cotton, allowing good airflow in the pillow and being soft to touch.

The MyPillow is filled with open-cell polyfoam (polyurethane foam) that has excellent conformity. You can fluff it into any shape of support that you prefer, and it is also easy to fold and bend without compromising its comfort. The polyfoam also has good breathability and keeps cool, which is very important since memory foam tends to heat up easily, keeping you sleeping cool or temperature neutral all night long.

The MyPillow Pillow

MyPillow’s special feature of having four different fill levels sets their pillow apart from a standard pillow buying experience as you get the option to choose a comfort level that best suits your needs. Although the fill levels are not adjustable as the four fill levels are pre-filled, the options available are diverse enough to cater to almost all sorts of sleeping styles.

The pillow’s tag separates the different levels of firmness, and they range from lowest to highest: yellow, white, green and blue. The stuffing of poly foam increases gradually from the yellow till the blue tagged below, providing consumers with a variation of comfort levels to choose from. The general feel of the MyPillow is a range from medium to soft feel, so you can probably choose a pillow that is mid-range that feels both flush and has medium firmness if that’s your preference with no difficulty.

The MyPillow needs to be placed into a dryer on high heat for 15 minutes once it is out of its packaging; the high heat fluffs the pillow to its supposed form and comfort level. It’s ready to use as soon as its out of the dryer and if you do not have a dryer handy this might pose a small problem as the MyPillow requires this step to be done before it can be used.

The foam in the MyPillow is pliable, soft, firm and has a great response to pressure. It distributes pressure evenly, which is good as you would want firm and adequate support for your head and neck when you lay down on it. If you like to fluff and shape your pillow before using it, the yellow and white tagged pillow is great for this as they would be soft enough to be folded and fluff with minimal resistance. The firmer pillows like the green and blue tagged ones would be slightly harder to fold or shape as they have more foam filling.

Another great thing about MyPillow is that if you can’t find the one firmness to fit your needs, you can stack them up! You can choose to use a combination of different firmness to achieve the support and comfort your sleeping style needs. Overall, the four different firmness of the MyPillow has enough attractive features to make them an excellent choice for all sorts of sleepers.

Is The MyPillow A Great Pillow To Have?

The MyPillow comes with some great features and some disadvantages but considering all its aspects; it is an excellent choice for a pillow. The high-quality materials used to manufacture the pillow confirms its durability and supports the company’s vision in providing the best comfort they can for their customers.

A slight disadvantage to purchasing a MyPillow is that it is not ready-to-use as soon as it arrives at your doorstep, you will need to complete the dryer process to make it sleep ready.

Having four different comfort levels to cater to a variety of sleeping styles is extremely helpful as most sleepers tend to be combo sleepers and possessing a pillow that can be versatile in its shape and firmness level is a game-changer. The MyPillow has excellent features and benefits; it’s a pillow worthy of consideration when you are pillow shopping for your sleeping needs.

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