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During nine months of pregnancy, one’s body goes through lots of changes. Most of the women experience bit extreme type of changes in their breasts, particularly during the second and third trimesters of their pregnancy.

In reality, many women are of the view that they are incapable to put on their comfortable and very favorite regular bras as their pregnancy progresses and breasts get larger.

Sadly, most women end up getting their hand on various new bras throughout the months of their pregnancy.

Continuously having to get some brand-new bras to accommodate one’s growing breasts can be both so inconvenient and bit expensive too.

But, if one buys the right bras when one gets pregnant, one will likely merely have to buy one set for the entire pregnancy.

It is all about getting hands on some high-quality pregnancy bras that are going fit one well throughout one’s pregnancy.


Before jumping into buying the most comfortable and best maternity Bra, one must be assured that she knows her correct bra size, either by measuring herself properly or by taking a very quick look at any bra fit check guide available online or otherwise, based on how one’s current bra is fitting.

Generally speaking, all the additional breast volume one gains during her pregnancy should not affect her band size — at least not by more than merely one size up. It influences the cup size first and foremost.

This means that if one already have large breasts, one might have to go up to various cup sizes, making it hard to find a bra that actually and best fits. So, keep these things in mind:

  • Be informed
  • Know what a good fit is
  • Find your ideal bra type
  • Get the best of both worlds
  • try a comfort bra

The best

Investing in any nursing bra that fits one very well is one of the best things one can do for one’s body post-pregnancy.

One of the nursing bra models that we have picked below go up well beyond a DD — few even go up to a cup size I or size J.

They are also incredibly comfortable as well as supportive, and we included a couple of models that are supportive and more beautiful in looking too. Here they are:

Anita Maternity Microfiber Bra

Anita Maternity Women's Microfiber Underwire Nursing Bra

Size range: 32C to 44D — It goes up to a cup I in band sizes 32 to 38. (US sizes).
Buy: Available from Amazon. Free shipping and free returns.

This one is a fantastic all-around nursing bra for smaller and bigger busts. It is like a T-Shirt bra and looks like a regular T-Shirt bra, but it is comfortable like one would not believe! Its cups are unlined, but the bra gives plenty of support, even for bigger breasts.

Just see the pic how the straps are well rounded at the back? This is what takes the strain off one’s back. If one has large breasts, it is better to look for that kind of back!

The best part is one can wear this bra under any shirt, and it is nice and very seamless. For those with very almost flat breast, just say “yes” to it. No matter how smaller and even if one is pregnant, they give a very sexy appearance.

Elomi Smoothing Underwire Molded Bra

Elomi Women's Smoothing Underwire Molded Nursing Bra

Size range: 30 to 48, DD to H. (UK sizes).
Buy: Available from Amazon. Free shipping and free returns.

This bra is not only available in smaller or large sized breast but for the bigger sizes as well. Usually, no matter what the size of the chest of a lady is, when she is pregnant, they specifically become bigger.

So keeping that in mind, they are made for every sized breast. Elomi has the fullest-coverage bra out of these picks, and one is going to love it if one likes the additional support of full-coverage bras.

This bra separates the breasts fully as well, making it much more comfortable and ensuring that they stay in their place.

Panache Sophie Bra

Panache Women's Sophie Nursing Bra

Size availability: 28 to 40, C to J. (UK sizes).
Buy: Available from Amazon. Free shipping and free returns.

This may not be a very subtle nude pregnancy bra, but it is considered as the most favorite one regarding looks. It comes in the pink and very pretty the lace.

It is little thicker as compared to the Anita bras, but yet it is completely comfortable. The great thing is it does not have an underwire, unlike the most of the bras featured on our list.

Nevertheless, it gives plenty of comforts, and it is also the model that comes in the huge range of sizes. Just keep in mind these are UK sizes!

Le Mystere Sexy Mama Bra

Le Mystere Women's Sexy Mama Nursing Bra

Size range: 32 to 40, C to G.
Buy: Available from Amazon. Free shipping and free returns.

Contrarily to what it may look like, this is a legit pregnancy bra. And it is so beautiful. If one is looking for some very sexy pregnancy or the nursing bra that is not boring, one needs to look no further.

We love how this bra is both functional as well as gorgeous. It is not transparent; it has nude lining between the breast and the exquisite black lace, meaning it is a full-on pregnancy as well as maternity bra that will prohibit any leaking (particularly during 8th and 9th month – the very common issue all pregnant ladies face during pregnancy) and keep the nipples comfortable.

Anita Women’s Underwire Bra

Anita Women's Underwire 5035 Nursing Bra

Size range: 32C to 42H. (US sizes).
Buy: Available from Amazon. Free shipping and free returns.

It is another classic bra and a good one. This Anita bra is unlined as well as seamless whilst giving plenty of support to breasts if one has the larger one, much like the Anita Microfiber bra that we have mentioned above, the top pick.

This one of Anit comes in a subtle print which one might prefer. Anita is well known for making few great maternity bras, and they last more than merely one pregnancy.

Hot Milk Luminous

Hot Milk Women's Luminous Maternity and Nursing Bra

Size range: For all. Free sized.
Buy: Available from Amazon. Free shipping and free returns.

The Hot Milk Luminous is a super gorgeous nursing bra, which is suitable for every sized breast. The fabric used is a lovely champagne satin with a pretty lace that frill around the cups.

This bra does not have wire but gives a lot of lift, shape as well as separation in the supportive cups and band. To adjust to size when one’s breasts grow, we love that it has a large bra extension on the back.

Simple Wishes D*LITE

Simple Wishes D Lite Hands Free Pumping Bra, Patented, Black, XS-Large

Size range: Up to 48 inches.
Buy: Available from Amazon. Free shipping and free returns.

The Simple Wishes D*Lite bra is the perfect pump bra. This bra can easily fit chest sizes up to 48 inches and cup size around J.

Its back is attached with a strong Velcro so one can adjust it as one’s chest changes size during pregnancy.

This bra is so secure and is going to hold almost two to three collection bottles wholly full of milk without them sagging.

Kindred Beverly French Terry Bra

 Kindred Bravely 2PACK French Terry Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra For MaternityBreastfeeding

Size range: 28 to 48 inches.
Buy: Available from Amazon. Free shipping and free returns.

The Kindred Beverly Soft Terry Bra is the best sleep bra during pregnancy. The sizing option for this bra begin at a B cup and goes right up to an I cup. One can get it in chest size 28 to 42 inches.

It can be used as the nursing bra as well. If used as so, its crossover design makes it so easy to feed child during the night, without plastic clips digging in.

The material provides a little stretch to grow with one’s breasts. The addition of bamboo fabric makes it so soft against the skin and does not let one’s breast getting so hot.

Cake Lingerie High-Impact Bra

 Cake Lingerie Women's Maternity and Nursing Zest Flexi Wire High Impact Sports Bra

Size range: 32B up to 40L.
Buy: Available from Amazon. Free shipping and free returns.

The Cake High-Intensity bra is the best it is a very active mom-to-be. It has fabric between its cups to prevent one’s breast bouncing out as one jump around.

Its wide straps and racer back, support one’s upper body in all the right areas to prohibit strain. The straps can be unclipped to wear as some normal bra as well. The only downside of it is, it is pricey. So, one must make sure one will get plenty of use from it.

Bottom line

It is to be kept in mind that these bras are not merely pregnant bra. They are so much more. They can be used after pregnancy too. Then, they act and become “nursing bras.” So, we can say these great bras are two in one.

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