Survive Breakup

You have just ended up an almost perfect relationship and it feels like the whole world collapsed. Well, we’ve all been there. No matter what kind of a relationship you had or how beautiful it was, breakup represents its painful closure and everybody needs a little help to Survive Breakup.

Survive Breakup

1. Let it all out

The science has shown that ending up the relationship affects the areas of the brain related to addiction and motivation. So, experiencing a hard time after the breakup is inevitable and totally understandable.

Whether you are man or woman, it is perfectly fine not only to feel blue and heartbroken but to let it all out. As much tempting as it may seem, finding consolation in chocolate, junk food, alcohol or even drugs, is just a temporary way to reduce the sorrow but it’s no way to Survive Breakup.

What is more, their excessive consummation can only result in further depression, bad sleeping habits, and weight gain.

Rather cry it all out, and find someone you can talk to about your feelings. If you find it difficult, try writing your emotions out on the paper. Once you accepted your feelings, it would be much easier to deal with them in a healthy way.

Let it all out

2. Don’t wallow in self-pity

The next step you have to learn to Survive Breakup is to stop blaming yourself. Searching for your flaws and questioning your actions and behaviour are only signs of self-pity.

Also, forget about searching through old memories and listening to your love song remembering how ‘wonderful’ relationship you had. Instead of letting it drag you deeper into agony, learn to embrace your past and the experience it provided you.

Analyze the ways your relationship changed you and what you learned from it. What is more, everything is a lesson and be grateful for it as gratitude and depression never go hand-in-hand. You can only become stronger and aware of yourself in this way.


3. Don’t Look Back

Thanks to the romantic movies, it is a common opinion that every breakup includes impressive romantic gesture. Although this can be helpful in case you need to apologize (especially men), you should be aware that 101 red roses or ‘love you’ cupcakes cannot change somebody’s feelings entirely. On the other hand, if you are a girl, don’t wait for this kind of gesture, because that day may never come. Unless you definitely certain they are the one and only, accept the situation and move on.

4. Don’t start the rebound Relationship 

Excluding one night stands, starting the new relationship shortly after the breakup is the worst thing you can do. It can have a temporary healing effect, though.

However, by ‘filling the gap’ and thus making yourself feel better, you may hurt your new partner as you would always look for your ex in them. So, instead of starting the relationship that is condemned to another painful ending from the very beginning, take some time to heal entirely and enjoy your single life.

Also, what you can do is – experiment. Establishments such as Liaisons offer a safe haven for indulging the needs of your broken heart.

Don’t start the rebound Relationship 

5. Do what makes you Happy

When going through a difficult survive breakup, you should be surrounded by positive friends who make you happy and do things that you have always wanted to try. Don’t just sit around and grieve, use the newly gained spare time and redirect the energy on doing what you like.

So, go to the gym, take up an interesting hobby or course, read books, or watch movies. Who knows? You might discover the talents you didn’t know about.

Furthermore, you should consider helping others. Concentrating on other people changes the focus and thus reduces stress and depression.

Survive breakup can be tough, it’s true, but you should find the strength to deal with it. Surround yourself with friends who love you and enjoy your life as it is. The new relationship may be waiting just around the corner.

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