People presume that exercise is sole to lose weight, tone one’s body and look great in new, tighter clothes. However, exercise is a form of meditation and way of life, which can be used to enhance one’s relationship with their loved ones or partner.

This is because working out releases endorphins; hormones that make one feel happy and good about themselves.
Moreover, losing weight and liking your physical appearance helps instill confidence in oneself, thereby making one love their particular ones even more.

As they say, it is only when you love yourself that you can love another human being. Scroll down to find out the top and most useful exercises to enhance your relationship and boost your love life!


Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

A fun exercise that truly enhances intimacy and love between two individuals is by reminiscing about the good memories and times that they have shared. Relishing and reliving these shared experiences helps the couple grow together and develop stronger intimacy.
One method is to decorate a box and fill it with notes of memories, old cinema tickets and receipts of gifts or other mementos that bring back good memories.
Go through this box every week to make each other happy and be grateful for each other for all that your partner does for you.

Give a Gift

The activity of surprising one’s partner with a well thought out, meaningful and intimate gift is incredibly exciting and brings a lot of joy.
The gift should not be too extravagant or expensive rather it should be significant. It will show your loved one that you know them extremely well, and this activity will surely make your relationship much stronger.
Such an activity develops and boosts trust and confidence within a relationship, and ensures a long-lasting relationship.

Have a Date Night At Home

Instead of reaching to a restaurant for your regular and typical date, why not try a date night at home? One of you can cook up a favorite dish that you know your loved one enjoys, and serve it on a candlelit table at home. Make it extra fun by dressing up, wearing fancy clothes and makeup with heels, and living it up. This exercise gives time to a couple of truly appreciate each other, get to know each other better and learn to believe each other.

Change Your Bedtime Routine

One of the ways that a couple can enhance their relationship is a simple exercise; switch up your usual bedtime routine. Instead of scrolling through your mobile phone before going to bed, take half an hour out to cuddle and talk to each other.
Stroke each other gentle, caress each other and discuss your daily activities so that you two grow more intimate and appreciative of each other. Extend your cuddling time after sex or in general, so that you can sleep easier, communicate openly and more freely and deepen your love for each other.
This is a simple exercise, but it will surely boost your relationship.

Make a Romantic Playlist

A fun way of telling your loved one that you truly know them and remember all the memories is by making a special playlist for them. Include those songs that hold significant meaning or importance, such as songs that you heard on your first date, during your first kiss, during an eventful night together, etc.
You can take this up a notch by writing little notes next to each song’s title, describing why the song is important to the both of you.

Write Letters To Each Other

A classical way of communicating effectively with each other is by writing letters by hand and pen and mailing these to each other. People rarely talk using this traditional mode of communication, so it will come as not only as a surprise for your partner but will help you vent your feelings and open up about any pent up frustrations.

One of the most important goals why couples break up is because they do not communicate openly and freely. Writing letters is a brilliant way to express oneself and boost one’s relationship.

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