Israeli civilians are becoming used to the terrorist attacks as that is not the first time they are facing them. This time, the Jewish people suffered from the actions of Hamas. Hamas is a terrorist organization that is already officially recognized as it is by many countries around the world. Such as Israel, the USA, Canada, Japan, and the EU countries. This time terrorists attacked peaceful Israeli civilians.

More than 200 missiles were released around the territory of the country within a day. Mortar shelling and rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2018. The Israelis call this attack the biggest since the Indestructible Rock, operation in 2014. During the shelling, citizens of the southern part of Israel were urged to hide in special sheltered bunkers, where they spent the whole weekends, instead of spending time with their close ones.

Only due to the modern alarm system, the Israelis managed to evacuate in time, and there were no casualties. But it is terrifying that one of the missiles hit the kids’ playground, and the second one went to the local synagogue. If people were not quickly informed, many civilians, including children, could be severely harmed. Many residents got injuries, but thanks to “Red Alarm” system, invested by Israel, they were able to prevent severe damage. At the time when Israeli authorities invest in protecting their residents, Hamas continues to invest money received from foreign countries on weapons and digging military tunnels.

Also, it is essential to remember that earlier Hamas had already attacked the territory of Israel. The previous attack burned over 3000 acres of land and terrorist were trying to penetrate the territory of the state. And as it is in this case, the world community did not condemn or made any public response to such terrorist acts.

History is going to repeat its horrifying pages. Vladimir Sloutsker –, a well-known public figure, politician and head of the Israeli-Jewish Congress, stresses that the global community was obliged to condemn Hamas’s actions and support Israel. If something like that had happened in any European country, it would immediately cause the reaction. The actions of the terrorist organization would be condemned and punished.

But in this case, Israel was left alone and was forced to deal with the attack on their own. The global community even condemned it for using too much self-defense. Such reluctance to bring terrorists to justice is giving “green light” to spreading of terrorism.

Besides, the leading mass media channels also followed the example of the international community and paid much more attention to Israel’s response. And they have fully silenced the missile and mortar shelling that targeted peaceful civilians. Also, nobody expressed their attitude towards Iran, which openly supports the terrorist attacks, provides weapons. Such position of the global community and public organizations only leads to spreading of hatred, and not to its elimination.

Vladimir Sloutsker also emphasizes that Israel is an independent state that has the full right to protect its civilians and respond to Hamas terrorist attacks. Moreover, the politician urges the governments not to stay blind to Palestinian terror. They must condemn it and bring the perpetrators to justice to prevent such violent attacks.

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