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Everybody loves free stuff, but only when it comes to quality products or services. Otherwise, it would be somewhat more annoying than enjoyable. Many people use Netflix as an ultimate source for watch their favorite free movies.

But good things often come with a price. This post is for those who are willing to give some of their time instead of spending money watching films online. I’m going to guide you how to watch free movies on Fmovies – an excellent site for movie maniacs.

How to access?

First, you’ll need to type this address ( Fmovies on your browser, then press enter to follow the link.

You can do this on your smartphones, PCs, or laptop, make sure you’ve installed Adobe Flash Player and your browser support HTML5 protocol.

How to Find Free Movies?

The browser will take you to the homepage. Interacting with the website is easy, you can see lots of options in the category section on top of the header bar.

Choose your movies depends on genres, countries, types, release date, etc. You can also type the name of films, characters, or directors on the search box to find the result.

Don’t have any particular name in your mind? No need to worry,   scroll down to see their suggestions and latest free movies, series. The most famous and recommended ones are all listed there.

You can find videos on topics that related to holidays. Imagine you’re on your Christmas vacation and want to spend the whole day watching free movies. Just click on the Xmas button bellow Suggestion section. You’ll never be short on films as long as you have time for them.

How to Find Free Movies

How to Watch Free Movies?

When you’ve found your desired movie, the next thing to do would be spending the time to watch it. With Fmovies, just click on the thumbnail of your favorite film on the homepages, genre pages, or search results, etc.

It will take you to the movie page. Here you will have to spend some time watching ads. I don’t recommend you use ad blocks, but I’m also not against it. Just remember what we’ve talked about free stuff at the beginning of this post.

You can’t get free quality products without spending anything. It’s wrong and not a right way to appreciate the effort of those who work on the site. But don’t worry, there aren’t many ads (just couple ones at the beginning).

They also have ads when you click on the screen after an extended period of non-interaction time. But as long as you’re not a skipper, everything will be fine and enjoyable. On the movie page, click on the play button to start watching your movie.

An ad will pop up, and the video will load at the same time. You can spend your time to check it or skip right to your movie.

How to Interact while Watching?

Interacting with the control panel while watching is easy. You don’t need to use the mouse to click on the playing screen. This can be annoying sometimes since ads will pop up. Alternatively, use the keyboard to type in the command.

The website gives you all the option to freely maneuvering your movies. Hit Enter/Space to pause or play the video. Press “M” to disable the sound and press again to enable. Use the arrow buttons to control, press up or down to crank up or turn down 10% of the volume.

The left and right buttons will take the video forward or backward 5 seconds. The 1-9 sequence section the film to 9 parts, you can choose to watch each of them just by pressing the specific number.

All these options can only be performed when you’re in full-screen mode. And if you’re tired of watching, just press F to back on the movie page.

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