Brides Makeup

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. Surely, you and your significant other are the most important people that day. However, we must all agree that usually, brides are the ones that try harder when it comes to appearance and are expected to look stunning, while grooms are a bit less interesting when it comes to aesthetics.

It is why brides-to-be do their best to look more beautiful than ever and, unfortunately, they sometimes fail miserably in that attempt. It happens due to the great enthusiasm and a sense that they should do something extraordinary and what they’ve never done before, which can transform you in both positive and negative ways.

Sharp edges

One of the looks that are great for weddings is the improved classic pin-up look. Go for your favorite shade of red lipstick and outline your lips with a long-lasting lip liner. This look is all about precise lines, so good eyeliner and some mascara and false lashes will do the trick. Nice contouring is also a great touch for this look, as well as a dash of blush. However, have in mind that this look isn’t flattering for all head and eye shapes.

Glam queen

If you want to go all in and put emphasis on both eyes and lips by wearing heavy makeup, this is also allowed, and it can look amazing. However, you should tread carefully as this is a risky territory. This style is recommended for girls that already wear heavy makeup, as ones that don’t will probably end up looking entirely different from their natural selves. You can also search for a professional to do your wedding makeup. In that case, a trial before the actual wedding is mandatory.

Soft pink

If you are a gentle and a romantic soul, perhaps the soft pink look is meant for you. It involves an excellent natural foundation, with just a bit of highlighter in all the right places. Put it in the corner of your eyes and a bit along with the line of your cheekbones for a subtle glow.

A shade of baby pink or some other pastel pink lipstick and some bright eyeshadow will correctly express your femininity. If you think this is too ordinary, you can always increase the use of highlighter and add glitter to your lashes. You can even get false lashes that already have glitter on top.

Be yourself

One of the golden rules for a successful look is Don’t try too hard. If you feel that you need to do something extravagant to look breathtaking and out of this world, you’re wrong. Don’t stray from who you are or you’ll end up looking like a joke.

You don’t want people to mistake you for someone else at your wedding. Sure, you can experiment and try something new, but don’t let everything be new. If you’re going with something completely different, have at least one trial and think long and hard whether you should use the look or not.

Regardless of which look you opt for, you’re guaranteed to look amazing. Every bride does. It isn’t solely a matter of taste and style, but your inner emotion as well. Your happiness and joy will bring you that extra something you may be trying to achieve through your dress or your makeup choices. So, go ahead and be confident.

Don’t be afraid to choose what you really want instead of what the public may be expecting. Trust your gut and just relax and let your love and happiness trigger that bridal glow that will make you look utterly perfect.

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