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The beauty industry is a growing and competitive business and every makeup artist wants to be known for her skill and style. Vlogging is a key way for makeup artists to share their talents with the world through Makeup Tutorials, gain recognition for their craft, communicate ideas and build followers and subscribers to further their careers.

For this purpose, a makeup artist must have a skill, the right background, light, an engaging personality and so much more, but most importantly, the key to a successful career in beauty vlogging and engaging the audience is the use of the perfect camera.

The right camera will capture and reflect the true essence of the makeup look the artist has created, with the right setting, light, contrast, and balance. For this purpose, knowledge of the best sort of camera required for filming beauty tutorials or capturing high definition shots is very important.

Picking cameras can be a tricky task as there are different categories and subcategories for each camera. The user must know and understand the purpose of each feature and narrow down the features they are looking for in the camera based on their need.

This guide will help you narrow down what you need in your camera as a beauty vlogger and offer the best cameras based on those needs so read on for the best, most reliable review!.

Before we proceed to list, let’s narrow down the features a beauty vlogger actually needs. Let us start with the importance of having light sensitivity.

Sure enough, the best photos and clips are captured in sunlight; outdoors or just simply next to a window but this is not always practical when filming makeup tutorials. So the camera needs to be able to capture light in the dimmest of rooms, indoors.

A good vlogging camera must also have advanced macro settings because it’s important for the camera to be able to zoom in and out without blurring or dimming.

This will allow the artist to focus on different areas on her face to show off her beautiful skills, like the lipstick on her lips, or the intricate wing of the eyeliner on her eyelids, or the stroke of bronzer on her cheekbones.

It must also have a good and reliable camera recording feature. This may seem like a redundant point to mention since we are talking about beauty vlogging, but some fantastic cameras that capture wonderful still photographs may not have a good recording feature, so it’s good to be aware of that.

The camera must allow you to record high-quality videos with HD Video Recording at a high resolution of 720p and 1080p.

Makeup tutorials require the camera to be adjusted at different angles depending upon the shot being taken, hence it is imperative that the camera allows screen adjust-ability.

Last but not the least is the battery power and life! Makeup tutorials can take hours of work and any makeup artist’s biggest nightmare would be to lose that work in progress if the battery dies midway recording.

Best Cameras For Makeup Tutorials

Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR Camera

There is no question that Canon is a powerhouse of a brand when it comes to producing high quality, excellent cameras. This particular model is perfect for a makeup artist who is looking for wide shots to close shots, emphasis on capturing color in the best way possible.

It has great battery power (1100mAh) with efficient charging so can go on for long shoots and makeup tutorial processes without shutting down midway. With this camera, amazing results can be achieved in low light with its advanced image processor DIGIC-4+.

It has a full HD video feature with amazing filters even while recording. All material recorded through this camera can be uploaded easily and quickly with its WI-Fi and NFC wireless connectivity feature.

The camera comes with the warranty, a replacement battery, charger pack and a 32GB SD card. The only downside to this amazing product is that the tripod stand (if required) is a bit small and the camera does not have a flip out screen to be able to see what is being recorded.

Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR Camera

Canon EOS Rebel T5i EF-S 18-55 IS STM Kit

Any makeup artist looking for attention to detail needs to get her hands on this magnificent camera. With its 18.0 megapixel CMO (APS-C) sensor combined with the DIGIC-5 image processor and capacity to record 16,384 different colours per channel, every colour, tone, and dimension is recorded beautifully to extreme accuracy.

It has great light sensitivity with high-grade performance in low light surroundings. The flip out screen and touch feature allows great flexibility and makes the experience quite exciting yet easy to understand and operate at the same time.

The camera has the ability to shoot 5.0 frames per second without lag. Automatically adjusts the backlight to give enhanced results.

Excellent for ideograph with its noise-reduction feature and a built-in stereo microphone to record those makeup tutorials with ease. With such a great degree of innovative technology being offered, it’s safe to say, it does not come cheap.

The camera is not for those starting out fresh with a budget. Another small downside is, with all these amazing features, one would expect the video quality to be a little better than it currently is, perhaps it should be improved.

Canon EOS Rebel T5i EF-S 18-55 IS STM Kit

Canon Power-shot SX60 HS Digital Camera w/ Essential Photo Bundle

With its great light sensitivity owing to the CMOS Sensor combined with the latest DIGIC-6 technology, the artist is not limited when it comes to shooting her makeup tutorials or taking high-quality photos as the camera is perfect for indoor and outdoor shoots.

The camera has fantastic crystal clear results with its optical image stabilizer feature to remove blurriness due to shaking, the SX60 feature to preserve every natural detail of the picture or video.

The Vivitar NB10L battery effectively powers this camera and the whole package comes with extra batteries and a charger for great performance for a longer period of time. It is extremely easy for beginners due to its self-adjusting features, neck strap to aid carrying and Altura mini tripod (if not carrying), a cleaning kit, lens adapter with a filter kit.

Canon Power-shot SX60 HS Digital Camera w

Nikon COOL-PIX S6900 Digital Camera

This easy to use, adjustable, simple but a high-quality camera is perfect for makeup artists who operate in the selfie mode. It allows flexibility with its adjustable LCD screen, allowing the artist to take shots from whatever angle they think is best.

This is also perfect for filming tutorials with its built-in microphone feature and high-quality recording with full HD 1080p videos and CMOS Sensor for high-resolution images.

Has a 12x optical zoom so the camera can be placed at a distance without any problem with zooming as the optical zoom allows a focal length of 4.5 to 54mm.

This camera is perfect for any makeup artists just starting out as it is so easy to use, basically like a smartphone with HD results, it is budget friendly and focuses on details to showcase the makeup artist’s work.

The only downside to this wonderful product is that the camera is sensitive to movement and does not have a viewfinder.

Nikon COOL-PIX S6900 Digital Camera

Fuji-film Fine-pix S8600

This camera, again, is a great pick for makeup artists who are just starting out as it is extremely easy to use and understand.

Works great for both indoors and outdoors with brilliant light sensitivity. It is easy to carry with its compactness, it can fit into a purse. It also comes with a neck strap for ease.

It has a stabilizing system that corrects blurriness and the camera produces high-quality pristine results that will perfectly capture the artist’s work.

One downside with this camera is that it does not have a built-in microphone for ease of vlogging, however, an external microphone can easily be used.

Fuji-film Fine-pix S8600

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