Bridal Shower

Being a bridesmaid is a bit costly, and if you are planning a shower for your friend who’s getting married, you need to keep the budget small because there are more important things you can do with your money. You shouldn’t think about breaking the bank for the sake of your best friend. Check out some simple suggestion that will help you throw a low-budget yet memorable bridal shower for your best friend.

Tips for Low-Cost Bridal Shower

Borrow a Restaurant for the Bridal Shower

Don’t even think about renting a wedding shower restaurant; talk to a friend or a family member who owns a restaurant in your city or town to let you use the place for an afternoon. Renting can be very costly given the type of occasion at hand. If your friend is kind enough, you will get away with the cost of hiring wait staff and rooms. The only expense you are most likely to incur is the food cost. You can also borrow another venue such as a big hall that can house your bridal crew.

Shop Around

If you have no one to lend you a venue, you can search a location in your neighbourhood or broaden your search to another region. Narrow down your search by the type of place, cost, and capacity. It will be beneficial if your group is small. When you select a listing of the wedding shower restaurants, you will see the maximum guests the venue accommodates. Find out if there is a minimum time limit. Look for smaller and affordable venues with one 0r two minimum numbers of hours. Don’t forget to examine the customer reviews as well as the photos so you are sure of what to expect. Ask the host as many questions as you can regarding the cost do you don’t incur extra fees.

Simple Foods

Instead of hiring cooks, you can make food yourself. However, for most bridal shower restaurants there is no way you can carry your food, so you will need to order the simplest menus possible. Choose a spread of finger meals or deserts for an afternoon shower. You can skip the caterers to save your money. If there is an excellent cook in your family, ask for their help and bring in family dishes on a recipe for the wedding couple.

Skip Prizes

Nobody needs the small towels or little soaps at a bridal shower. The good idea is to play games and have fun. You can bake some muffins or chocolate cookies and wrap them nicely to give each guest. Don’t go for the fanciful bakery cakes.

You don’t need to use up thousands of money on expensive venues and gifts. A bridal shower is not a wedding! Just get a simple confection that the bride likes. You can even dress up a grocery cake which is still delicious.

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