While the concept of assigning symbolic meaning to flowers like rose has existed since through times, the popularity of communicating through the “language of flowers” soared in the Western world during the Victorian era. Both men and women consulted “flower dictionaries” to choose and interpret the appropriate flowers to send, wear, and display.

Flowers were given meaning based on their species and color. So while the rose, in general, is a symbol of love, different rose colors provided different of meaning.

Though the craze for flower dictionaries persists, roses still stay as the most popular among all flowers. If you’d like to give a bouquet of roses that are especially thoughtful and meaningful, consider the symbolism of the colors you select. We will provide you with a comprehensive guide for color selection according to your occasion!

The beauty of this extraordinary bloom is matched only by its seemingly boundless history and legend. For example, it’s said that Cleopatra once received her beloved Marc Antony in a room knee-deep in rose petals and that the rose was sacred in ancient times as it represented Aphrodite to the Greeks (and Venus to the Romans), symbolizing beauty and love.

An old myth says that originally all roses were white. One night, a nightingale saw a rose and fell deeply in love, inspiring him to sing a song. When his passion overtook him, he pressed himself against the flower, and when the thorns pierced his heart. Ever after, the rose was forever red.

Roses are one of the most widely recognized floral arrangements for showing a family member or someone special your love and affection. Be it a birthday, anniversary or you feel the need to send a just bouquet, roses are the perfect option. Did you know that this gorgeous garden gem is the official June birth flower, for those who celebrate their special day during this month? Here’s what you need to know about this timeless selection:

The Rose Symbol

According to Greek mythology, a sweet smelling rose with a thorny stem represents a symbol of beauty and is the flower of Venus. The Romans considered the rose a representation death and rebirth, often planting them among the grave sites of their loved ones.

The Color of the Rose

When giving roses as a gift, it’s important to consider the hue of the flower based on the occasion. Every rose color has its own unique meaning, making it simple to choose what you want to express towards someone. Choose the right color for the right occasion:

Red – The most traditional color, red roses symbolize love, romance, beauty, and perfection. This is the perfect way to express your love when you can’t put words into your feelings.

Pink – Pink roses represent admiration, gentleness, joy, and grace.

Yellow – Yellow roses are the perfect option to send to your best friend. They represent cheerfulness and happiness.

Orange – Known to symbolize enthusiasm, energy, desire and excitement, an orange rose can show an old friend or flame that you’re interested in rekindling the relationship you once had.

Lavender – Lavender roses also indicate love at first sight. They also remind your significant other how much you love him or her, a lavender rose shows your eagerness and compassion for growth.

White – White roses represent innocence, purity, and charm. This option also represents new beginnings and can express remembrance for those who have passed.

Sharing Timeless Moments

Beyond gifting a traditional bouquet of roses, there are dozens of ways to use this timeless flower for someone celebrating a June birthday. Based on the feelings you want to share – as well as a personal color preference – you can top a cake in gorgeous fresh roses to celebrate a birthday.

For other rose theme party ideas and decorations, look for inspiration at Shopalarose, roses that last for a year. If you’re looking for a gift idea that goes beyond a traditional bouquet, consider a refreshing, delicate rose scented perfume.

If you’re not sure how to go about creating a gorgeous bouquet of roses for your memorable occasion or to make someone feel special, you may consider choosing from an array of our beautifully designed options available at Shopalarose!

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