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When it comes to living room decoration, the first thing comes to mind is the glass coffee table. No doubt, It  itself completes the look of the living room, but a beautifully decorated coffee table can add more charm and character to a place.

But it doesn’t mean that place a large collection of small knick-knacks and clutters the surface. So, it is important to maintain a balance while decorating your coffee table. From displaying a tray to lighting candles, we’ve selected top 5 coffee table decorating ideas that are sure to impress everyone.

Display A Collection

Displaying your favorite collection on the coffee table, you can add more personality and functionality in the living room. Consider placing favorite books, vase, beautiful boxes, fresh flowers or some natural elements. Choose these table accessories of multiple heights, shapes, and sizes to add dimension. You can also add some amazing accessories like sea shells, coral, and other natural elements to catch the eye.

Use Trays to Decorate Coffee Table

Using the tray for decorating coffee table is one of the best ideas to showcase your favorite pieces and store your handy items like remote or keys. Adding tray is both stylish and useful.

It gives structure and symmetry to a large glass coffee table while keeping the look organized and maintained. Simply add your prettiest Beware and cocktail ingredients in a tray and add a mini bar on your coffee table. Whether you place art pieces, stacked books, vases, or small decoration pieces in the tray, the table will look stylish and neat.

Candles On the Coffe Table

Displaying a large collection on the table may not be your choice. Then, choose candles to add mood and dimension to a clear flat glass coffee table. From classic to contemporary, candles look perfect and add charm in any theme and decoration style. Consider scattering candles of different sizes and shapes on the table top or you can add a large and beautiful candle as a centerpiece to add more charm.

Add Pops Of Color

If anything doesn’t appeal you or you don’t know what to do, just pick some fresh flowers or plants and set them on the coffee table. Plants and colorful flowers are the best options to decorate a living place. Consider adding a low maintenance, evergreen plant in the center of the coffee table to bring life into your space.

You can also use fresh flowers to provide a focal point in a room while reflecting the seasons. Plants and flowers are the excellent options as they can perfectly fit with other home decorations.

Stacked Books

Books are considered as the greater conversation starters. So, using books for  table decoration is a great idea. Instead of scattering books or magazines, stack them on the table top. When decorating over-sized glass  table, make sections and spray books in a grid. Then use these playing books as a base and place other decorative pieces on the top. Books add more character in a living place. Consider changing the display every season.

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