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There is one phrase you will never hear when talking to a homeowner, that is “I have too much cabinet space in the kitchen.”  The fact is, most of us will find some reason to hold on to things we rarely don’t need, and we will find somewhere to put it. Without proper organization systems, our cabinets and drawers amount to large holes where you can place a lot of things, on top of each other.

When we go to retrieve those special items that we kept, we find they are buried in the massive hole that we call cabinets. What’s worse is digging through electric power cords to see which one you need, and then you have to find the lid.

If you have an item or small appliance that you only use for holidays, store it in a little used or awkwardly placed cabinet. Keep your eyes open for dust collectors and promote your much-used items to a convenient area.

This is not a new problem. As long as there have been cabinets, there has been the black holes we call cabinets. We make the kitchen appear bigger with white cabinets and lots of sunshine. But, to fix the problem, people are turning to the experts for the best ideas for white kitchen cabinets. The best news of all is these organizational hacks can be customized to the person using them. Tall or short, your pantry and cabinets will serve your purpose.

In this post, we will share some awesome ideas for your cabinets, drawers, and pantry. However, we encourage you to think outside the box. The suggestions we are showing you are ideas. But, if you have a particular issue and you do not see the solution, speak to your cabinet supplier. There is no problem that cannot be overcome.


Cabinets do not have to be traditionally placed. By adding a cabinet to an alternate wall, the cabinet space is multiplied. Consider installing a small cabinet group in the breakfast nook. If you add glass doors and plate holders, you can store your china or holiday dishes in a beautiful way that frees up cabinet space.

Floating cabinets in the entryway are striking. Depending upon the size of your family, you may need to add a stackable wire shelf inside. Then place an oblong basket in the wall cabinet for each member of the family, and another for small items that are easily lost. Adults may keep an umbrella, gloves, glasses, a cell phone charger, and spare keys in their basket. (Note: having an electrical outlet in the cabinet makes it much easier to use.)

Pull out baking sheet holder

We all have a wide variety of baking sheets. Cookie sheets, can pans, broiler racks, and muffin pans are used for many jobs they were not intended to do. A wire organizer with vertical opening makes this job easy.

Store and find the baking pan you need for any job. Get more than one so you can use one for pot and pan lids. A few adhesives (press on) hooks on the inside door is a great place for your oven mitts. They are always within reach when you grab a baking pan.

Cans and more

You will no doubt find uses for can organizers in the cabinets, pantry, and fridge. Be sure you buy a few horizontal racks so you can organize things that are longer than a can.

One of the hardest things to find a place for in an open cabinet is a water bottle and the lid that matches. Using a can organizer means you always have a water bottle and the lid without the hassle.


Using press-on hooks, hang several wire baskets on the inside of your pantry door. These are for fresh fruit or vegetables. Your counters stay clear, and your family is “reminded” to snack healthier.

Hack: use the lower baskets for pet food, kitty litter, and other pet supplies

Cereal, Flour, Sugar, Corn Meal, etc.

Every organization blog you have read has explained the merits of putting your dry goods into plastic cereal holders with lids. They are easily arranged and always within reach. This is a great idea, but you should take it a bit further. Have two sets of containers with two different colored lids. For example, fill your containers and put blue lids on them.

When you have purchased dry goods put them behind the blue tops and put red tops on those. Blue means use first. When the blue container is empty, pull your red container to the front and replace the lid with the blue lid. This way means you always know what is fresh and you always know when to restock.

Lazy Susans

You have probably considered putting a Lazy Susan in a corner cabinet for spices and herbs. But let us raise the bar a bit. Instead of one big Lazy Susan, but two or three smaller ones. Place these side by side on a shelf. Place all the spices you use for stews, meats, and other savory dishes on one Lazy Susan.

Put cinnamon, vanilla, sprinkles, and other sweet spices on a separate Lazy Susan, The third Lazy Susan is for spices you do not use often. This space can hold teas, essential oils, and coffees. Another idea is to use this space for vitamins, over the counter medications, and a first aid kit.

It has to fit your life

Are you a person who enjoys a glass of wine with dinner? Maybe you like to finish your meal with gourmet coffee. If this is the case, do not organize a place in the pantry or lower cabinet to reach these luxuries. Set up a wine rack with wine glasses so you have easy access. The same goes with your specialty coffees. These are the items that you enjoy, so grant them the position in an area that is reserved just for them.

Under the sink

IMPORTANT: Do not put cleaners or hazardous materials under the sink unless the cabinet door is secured and locked away from children and pets.

Using oblong cleaning baskets. Don’t put everything together. Instead, fill a basket with bathroom cleaners, brushes, and rubber gloves. Fill another basket with dusters, glass cleaners, and paper towels.


Look at your kitchen. Is their wasted space? Are your cabinet organizers adequate? The good news is that you can rearrange, regroup, and change your configurations whenever you want. Don’t stop with the cabinets. Add wire bins in your refrigerator.

Check your overhead space. Is there room to put up a pots and pans holder? Have you added dividers in the drawers to arrange silverware, serving spoons, and kitchen gadgets? There are always ideas when you are creating a DIY job.

Making your kitchen efficient is not easy. You will start here and as you find things that are not providing you with effective storage and use of your cabinets and pantry, you will tweak your design. While these hints give you a great head start, push on and customize your home to work for you. It is a great investment in a happy home. Once you have everything where it fits best in your life, your work is done. Now, sit back and enjoy your kitchen.

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