Houseplants to De-stress

Nature is a pretty amazing thing which provides the human race with food and water. Nature provides plants that clean and neutralize the air we breathe and even produces plants and herbs that will cure us when we are sick. In this article, I will explain houseplants which can relax your mind.

There have been several hospitals that have turned to plants to help their patients. Plants purify the air. Some specifically attack chemicals released into the air when we spray cleaners. Simple plants remove products like ammonia and formaldehyde.  Patients that had plants in their rooms not only had better air quality, but they also reported less stress and elevated moods.

When it really counts

In 1989 NASA conducted a study on the effects of air quality with specific plants. When astronauts are in space, their air quality is very important. It is not like they can open a window. NASA had to know which natural plants with little attention and care, could help people with breathable air.  

While your family is not locked into a spaceship, there are many situations where extra protection from airborne problems is necessary. Young children and senior citizens are susceptible to illnesses. People with asthma, pneumonia, and allergies all have reason to monitor the air quality.

Below is a sample of the plants that met with NASA’s approval. These plants not only clean the air, but they also emit oxygen at night. The NASA report shows that using these plants will clear up to 87% of the toxins in the air in only 24 hours.

Further studies show that having these plants in your office improves concentration levels and productivity up to 15%. It lowers the stress level of employees and elevates their moods

Best plants to use for clean air

  • Aloe Vera

    • Aloe Vera is a very low maintenance plant. It removes formaldehyde and benzene from the air. The gel inside the plant is widely used on the skin for burns.
  • Snake Plant

    • The Indoor Snake Plant is also known as the mother-in-law’s tongue. It cleans the air more rapidly than other plants. An added bonus is the Snake Plant releases moisture into the air. It keeps lungs moist.
  • Boston Fern

    • The Boston Fern can be grown outside, but it is usually found indoors. For all of the reasons listed above, the Boston Fern is a powerful plant. It works on the contaminants in the air at night and releases oxygen continually.
  • Rubber Plant

    • The Rubber Plant cleans the air well, and it has an added benefit. The Rubber Plant has wide leaves. It acts as a toxin magnet. Placing a Rubber Plant on your desk helps you feel good all day. You will enjoy fewer headaches, less stress, and easier focus.
  • The Peace Lily

    • It is a beautiful plant that produces excellent results. The Peace Lily cleans benzene, xylene, formaldehyde, ammonia, and trichloroethylene.  

Many other plants accomplish these good results. You should talk with a leading seed provider about plants that will grow well in your climate and situation. Check this well-known seed supplier for assistance,

Indoor plants are not complicated to grow. Most indoor plants need soil mix and water. They may require minimal amounts of sunlight. They are easily grown on your desk or office window. If you are concerned that you will not be able to keep your plants alive, relax. These plants will survive the most forgetful gardener there ever was.

While you are considering natural plants the destress your life, consider planting a small herb garden in your kitchen. The aroma and ease of harvesting, while you are preparing a meal, is priceless. As you gain experience, you may want to branch out with other plants that will enhance your meals.

You can order your seeds online and have them delivered to you. I am sure; you will soon wonder how you ever lived without these power plants. You will feel better, and be more effective than ever before. You will love the pleasure these plants bring to your family and office mates, and your living space will be so much nicer with live plants.

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