6 Amazing Interior Design Trends For 2018

Now that the holidays are over we’re back to our ordinary, ‛boring’ lives. We need some changes around here, so it shouldn’t be too hard to guess that redecorating your home was your new year resolution.

It is a way of saying ‛I’m still alive’, especially if you have some extreme changes in your mind. If you don’t know where to start or fear your ideas would be too extreme for the neighbours, take a look at some trends that will mark 2018 and find your place among them.

The New Industrials

The New Industrials

The industrial style has been coming in and out of style for decades, but it seems that its popularity will reach its peaks in 2018.

When we’re talking about a major change in our lives, when it comes to our home nothing changes a thing more than distinguishable features of this style –  from polished concrete to exposed brick.

They key is to get the distressed look and to accompany it with minimalistic lighting. As a finishing touch just put some very simple crockery on those worn-out shelves and – voila – it’s the new industrial chic.

Paint it light, paint it straight

Paint it light, paint it straight

If you had some screaming colours in your mind, better leave them for some other occasion. The solid colour is not the part of this years’ trend which is going more for the minimalist. Take a look at the new Crown’s SS18 collection to see what we’re talking about.

It seems that grey hasn’t fifty shades only in the movies and adding muted pinks or watery blues will give it diffused look and a subtle haze.

It is like Bauhaus all over again, and that’s why this year’s major trend will be to create shapes with colour blocks. Just stick to slim black outlines to achieve a sophisticated look of modern elegance.

Aim to the stars

Aim to the stars

If you think that surrounding yourself with ‛subtle lego walls’ is a bit too much, you can simply make your statement on the ceiling instead. This will allow you to keep the walls in one color and make the ceiling stand out by decorating, tiling, wallpapering, etc.

Just make sure that you pick the subtle color for your walls so that the ceiling can stand out. Actually, everything has to be subtle down below. By now you probably noticed that the trends for 2018 are very minimalistic and there is a pretty big chance that the leftovers of some previous style will turn to rubbish.

Luckily, today there are cheap end efficient rubbish pickup experts that will take it off your hands in no time. They will make sure it’s disposed of, recycled or up-cycled, leaving you with free time on your hand to pick the right design for your new ceiling.

Pick the patterns from nature

Pick the patterns from nature

Maybe these new trends are against too much furniture and decoration, but it seems that nature is something that’s never out of fashion.  When you think about it, houseplants have survived every change of style there is. In this case, they won’t just survive it, but they can also enrich it.

The key is to pick the patterned plants. This way you’ll get the vibrant colors and designs you lack in furniture, without the risk of taking the spotlight from your walls or ceilings. Besides, they are probably the cheapest means of decoration there is.

Sweat it all out

Sweat it all out

The fact that this minimalistic style is in the service of elegance is best shown in its view of the bathrooms. In 2018 this part of your home should look like a part of a luxurious hotel.Yes, the spa bathrooms are back, hotter than ever.

This bathroom design completes the overall feeling of relaxation and peace where you can retreat into a nice bubbly jacuzzi. Of course, one-color tiles, minimalistic accents, and earthy tones are mandatory.

Make an entrance

Make an entrance

When we talk about interior design we’re not talking just about the inside of the house. The outside is equally important, it needs to have the charm that will invite people in. With the minimalistic approach at hand, this year your best weapon will be your door.

Just one element that will make every neighbor stop and ask himself what’s on the other side. And don’t worry, they don’t need to be gray. In fact, now is the time to use those screaming colors and make a show-stopping invitation to your new kingdom of elegance.

As you can see, these new trends are all about mild colors, minimalism and ‛nature feel’. Maybe at first look, it won’t look seem like a drastic change you wanted, but soon you’ll realize that the result you’ve got is something you’ve been looking for – some peace and quiet, at last.

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