The disease which affects the lungs of the man harshly is termed as Tuberculosis.  This is a communicable disease that occurs due to release of tiny droplet at the time of sneezing and cough. In ancient times this disease was not curable and people were died due to this disorder. But now everything is different, new vaccines are available to cure this disease.

Symptoms of Tuberculosis

The symptoms of tuberculosis are as follow:

  • The patient suffers from coughing.
  • The patient suffers from chills.
  • Fever also occurs at the time of tuberculosis.
  • The patient loses weight while suffering from the disease.
  • The diet of the patient decreases.
  • The patient also suffers from night sweats.

Diagnosis of Tuberculosis

For diagnosing the disease a small injection of PPD tuberculin is infected at the bottom of inside forearm. This injection is in observation for 2-3 days if it becomes hard and swelling occurs at red bump then the test is positive.

How to Prevent Tuberculosis?

For preventing tuberculosis person should avoid to work or sleep with another person. He/she should wear the mask so as to cover the mouth for avoiding the transfer of germs from one person to another person. Prevent children from this disease after getting injections of BCG. The BCG injection is not suitable for adults.

Treatment for Tuberculosis

The Tuberculosis can be well treated by medicines. The antibiotics are given to treat the disease and they should be taken for 6-9 months. You may also read Fruits And Vegetables For Healthy Eyes.

The medicines which are in use for this treatment are Rifampin (Rifadin, Rimactane), Isoniazid, Ethambutol (Myambutol) and Pyrazinamide.

Effects of Tuberculosis

  • If the Tuberculosis is not treated well then it affects the lungs severely. Patient suffers from a cough which produces blood. He /she suffer from chest pain and also faces breathing problem.
  • The patients experience meningitis if it spread over the brain which affects the brain harshly and causes loss of appetite, fever, lost consciousness and listlessness.
  • The patient experiences arthritis if it spread over the joints which lead to excessive sweating and fever.

Thus the patient of tuberculosis needs due care. The cooperation of family members and parents is must in this disease. Its proper treatment should be at right time. Sometimes medicines given to the patient do not suit him/her and causes ill-effects, therefore medicines should be taken only with the consent of doctors. This disease is very dangerous and patient faces so many complications and discomfort. The disease of tuberculosis is curable by antibiotics which prove very effective. This disease is widespread all over the world.  However, now the time has been changes, new vaccines are available to cure this disease.

Previously patients were not well aware of this disease. However now people are fully aware about this disease and keeping them away from it they all sorts of prevention. In spite of taking prevention they are grabbed by this disorder. An introduction of new medicines and antibiotics reduces the dangerous effects of this disease.

Therefore, due to the invention of new medicines and antibiotics, the dangerous effects of this disease reduce.

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