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While natural light may seem white to us, it is really comprised of a wide range of colors. You can observe its color in real action when you put light through a crystal, or if you see a rainbow.

When light is deflected into its single parts, you can see all the colors that make up Natural light!

Throughout the years, we’ve discovered that plants really make “choices” about how to develop and grow on the range of light they get.

The spectrum of different colors can change how cannabis sprouts, produce and even buds grow!

However we don’t have many alternatives to change the spectrum of natural light when developing outside, we have practically full control of the different color spectrum when developing cannabis in the greenhouse since we’re using LED Grow lights! About this, you can visit buds grow guide.com.

So here is the main question of what’s the “best” light colors for growing cannabis plants?

Keep in mind that is a big question, but one thing is clear, each color has its very own particular impacts, and some are more valuable to you than others.

Let us share everything we know, so you can choose what’s best for your objectives and circumstance.

“There is no specific type of light spectrum for growing cannabis, but you can opt the best one to achieving your goals for cannabis plant growth”!

Blue light –

Grow lights come with a high ratio of blue light that is often used in the vegetative stage as they generally help in cannabis plants growth with healthy leaves. During the winter season, the sun begins hanging lower in the sky.

Therefore, a more considerable amount of the light that achieves the plant falls inside the red spectrum. The red part of the spectrum contains more light that helps plant growth.

As a cannabis plant gets presented to a higher proportion of red light, it responds by developing longer stems with more space between the leaves, getting as tall as workable for the best position to begin making buds and fertilize via the breeze!

Yellow/Red light –

Red color lights are frequently used in the flowering growth stage to urge plants to develop tall and also help to promote budding. Plants may complete the flowers growing stage faster under red light than blue lights.

By managing the ratio in the spectrum of lights, a cannabis plant can grow fastest in an ideal way! As a greenhouse cultivator, you must be the Led Grow lights and instruct your plant what to do!

If you want to keep plants short with lots of leaves development, use Led grow lights that provide a greater amount of the blue spectrum during the start of your vegetation’s.

After that when starting the time flowering stage, you may change the lights to something that has a greater amount of the reds and oranges that cannabis likes during the flowers growth stage.

I personally grow cannabis plants from seed to harvest under the Led grow lights as the light is bright enough for plants growth.