Couch While Pregnant

We will not be wrong to claim that pregnancy tops the list of the difficult things that a woman passes through in her life. Pregnancy brings more than its share of pains and awkward movements, especially when your belly grows with the passage of time.

Finding a comfortable sleeping position on the couch during pregnancy can be a challenge, especially when the women are already struggling with insomnia.

While the feeling of a new life growing inside you is incredibly exciting, you are miserable from the discomfort of carrying around 25-plus pounds of extra weight each day. Nighttime can be worse.

Woman have several questions on their minds like can they sleep on their back Couch While Pregnant if their head is elevated, is sleeping sitting up Couch While Pregnant safe and does sleep positions affect early pregnancy?

Most of these questions no doubt are related to the sleeping issues that may concern a mom-to-be. According to a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, nearly 4 out of 5 women had trouble sleeping during pregnancy.

Along with the constant feeling of having to pee, a pregnant woman may also suffer from nausea, heartburn, cramping, back pain, RLS and general discomfort from growing belly. However, taking a few steps to prepare yourself before you lie down or go to sleep can make a big difference.

Part 1: Preparing to Lie Down on the Couch While Pregnant

Gather at least two pillows on the couch, or use a body pillow instead

When trying to lie down on the couch while pregnant, pillows are literally your best friend. Before you get into the couch, pile on the pillows and ask your partner to help you position them for you. This allows you to get comfortable.

A long body pillow is also great for you to hug when you sleep on your side or positioning against your back when you lie down on your side.

The pillow can be used to prop your head up so you do not get heartburn while lying down. Moreover, you can also place a pillow under your belly or between your knees to take pressure off your legs and back.

Long body pillows specially designed to go between your legs to support your hips when you are pregnant are also available at the stores.

Avoid drinking water right before you lie down on the couch

Avoid drinking water right before you lie down on the couch

Your doctor will possibly recommend you to drink lots of water during your pregnancy to stay hydrated, but avoid drinking a large glass of water before you lie down on the couch.

For the reason that this may cause you to wake up several times during the night to go to the toilet. We recommend you to stop drinking water at least one hour before you plan to lie down.

Eat several hours before you lie down

Many women suffer from heartburn during pregnancy, which can cause interrupted sleep and discomfort. You can prevent heartburn by skipping spicy meals a few hours before lying down on the couch.

We recommend you to wait at least two to three hours after eating to lie down and relax so you do not develop heartburn. You can use a pillow to prop your head up if you start to feel heartburn once you lay down on the couch. Elevating your head up helps your body to digest what you have eaten.

Ensure your couch’s mattress does not dip or sag

In order to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep, make sure that your couch’s mattress is firm and your box spring does not dip or sag.

If you are habitual of sleeping on a softer mattress, you may find switching to a harder mattress a bit bumpy.

We recommend you to stick to the softer mattress if it is what you are used to and you have no issues getting a full night’s sleep on the couch.

Part 2: Choosing the Right Lying Down Position on the Couch While Pregnant

Get into the lying position carefully and slowly

Sit on the couch carefully and slowly. Move your body as far on to the couch as you can. Then using your hands as a support lower yourself down onto one side.

Slightly bend your knees and pull them up onto the couch. Roll on your back or on your side thinking of yourself as a rolling log. Have your pillows ready on your couch so you can position them easily after you lie down.

Lie on your left side

lying position carefully

Lying on your left side ensures that your baby gets sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients from the placenta. Moreover, this also helps with blood circulation and aids in the treatment of insomnia or other sleep issues during pregnancy.

You can place a pillow under your belly or between your legs or a rolled up towel behind your bag to get comfortable on your left side.

You can also sleep in a three-quarter position. Place your bottom arm behind you and your bottom leg straight out and down while lying on your left side. Bend your upper arm and place a pillow behind your back and also bend your top leg and rest it on a pillow.

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