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Many are not aware of the need for changing your age-old mattress with a new mattress as it can create a lot of adverse health issues. If you are suffering from a chronic backache, neck pain, shoulder pain, etc., it may be due to inadequate body support while sleeping. Impaired sleep can also create many other adverse physical and mental problems.

The first question you may have in mind now may be “how I may know if there is a need to change my mattress?”. This is a difficult question and not as easy as saying that you need a new car as the old one started showing starting troubles or breakdowns on the road.

You may also easily know whether you need a new television or not with the signs and symptoms it show of wearing out. But, when it comes to changing a new mattress, it may not be showing those symptoms all by its own, but the impact may be more on you.

Understanding The Need For a New Mattress

The actual objective of using a mattress while sleeping is to alleviate the pressure on your back, neck, shoulder, and hips when you lay down. Your mattress is nonfunctional if adequate support is no longer provided by it to these critical contact points of your body while sleeping. You may be finding many Real Mattress Reviews and to determine the right time to change your new mattress, first ask these questions to yourself.

  1. Is the mattress you sleep on now is more than six years old?
  2. Do you have back pain, neck pain, shoulder discomfort, or hip pain while waking up in the morning?
  3. Do you feel like frequently tossing on the bed during sleep to find a comfortable position?
  4. Is your current mattress look saggy or lumpy at places?
  5. Do you feel numbness in arms and legs when waking up?
  6. Do you find any part coming apart or any visible wear and tear on your mattress?

If you have to answer “Yes” to the majority of above questions, then ‘Yes,’ it is time to change your new mattress.

Choosing a Good New Mattress

Once if you have decided to purchase a new mattress to replace the old one, next is to be sure of which one to buy. Considerations include the material, size of the new mattress, and the features required, etc. to end up with the best. To determine this well, consider the below factors.

  • The available space for the bedding.
  • You alone, or if not, how many used to share your bedding?
  • How satisfied/concerned are others using the bed with the available space?
  • How much it may cost to afford a larger one or how much you may save on a smaller one. Remember, when compared to the long-term comfort and returns you enjoy on a proper bedding, the cost is only a secondary concern.

Standard New Mattress Sizes

Size of the mattresses may vary, and there are even options now to custom make mattresses based on your interiors. But when going for a pre-made branded product, some of the standard global new mattress sizings as below.

Twin bedding                   – 39″ width x 75″ length

Twin Larger                      – 39″ width x 80″ length

Full Size                               – 54″ width x 75″ length

Full Size XL                        – 54″ width x 80″ length

Queen Size                         – 60″ width x 80″ length

King Size                             – 76″ width x 80″ length

With all these measures in mind, you can explore various makes and styles of a new mattress to ultimately choose the best one matching to your budget and comfort at best.

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