causes of stress

In modern times, everybody is surrounded by loads of responsibilities and work, and these bring you deadlines and pressures. The response of a person to the pressure and threat is known as stress. Stress can be managed in various ways after knowing the causes of stress; you can also use supplements, and natural herbs like green Maeng Da Kratom Kava Kava, Akuamma seeds etc.

Some say that little amount of pressure and stress is necessary to keep us going and without any stress, our lives would be much boring and colorless. But when this stress undermines or dominates us both physically and mentally, that’s when problems kick in. How one can control and overcome that stress is important.

Causes of Stress

Following are some causes and their management tips.

Not Happy with your Job

It is the most common causes of stress nowadays. When you don’t like what you do, you cannot put your 100% into it and less likely to do it in a better way. If this is the cause of your stress, it’s better to immediately find a new job you are passionate about, or work as an entrepreneur and earn from what you love to do.

Personal Appearance

It is another leading causes of stress. Obesity, wrinkles, spots, balding or any other similar factor can give you a tremendous pressure. Things like obesity can be controlled by regular exercise and balanced diet. It’s better to consult a dietitian and get a diet plan, stick to it and you will get a better figure and rid of stress.

But stressors like balding, short stature, wrinkles, etc. are usually beyond your control. Balding and height runs in your genetics and can’t be changed wrinkles similarly, and loose skin comes with age, and certainly, you cannot go back to youth. In such cases, it is better to accept them and learn to be happy with them. Make yourself believe that you are looking cute and handsome and look at other people in the same situation. Or go for the surgical methods which are expensive.

Idealizing Media

It can be another stressor. In movies, advertisements, dramas, and media we are shown everything perfect. But such perfectness is impossible to be found in the real world. When we see a hero fighting with villains and still not getting hurt, we idealize him, completely forgetting that graphics and other technology aid him. So, instead of idealizing them, be real, believe real and do real.

Financial Stress

It is the leading stressor, as all of us worry about paying bills, fees, getting your car repaired and on and on. Finances can be a stressor but if managed correctly can be helpful.

First, make a budget. A budget will give you a clear image of where, when and how much to spend on what. You will be able to see the unwanted expenditures and cut them off to save your money. Don’t hesitate to take help from another person if you feel difficulty in making it on your own. Also save some money aside, for unexpected or emergency expenditures.

Not having control over the Situation

It can also give you a tough time. Media keeps telling us about global warming, ups, and downs of a stock market or merely the defeat of your favorite team and other things which we can’t control. It’s better to accept and tell yourself that there is nothing you can do and let the stress go.

Death of Someone Special

It is among leading causes of stress. Obviously, it is time almost every one of us has experienced or will as death be inevitable and the biggest truth. To overcome the grief situation, let the feeling come out and have a catharsis. Gather some support from your family and friends and embrace life.

Stress is like a fire that burns your happiness, relationships, and beauty of life. To extinguish a fire at bases is hit with water or chemical rather than the flames similarly stress can be controlled by fighting the causes and destroying it.

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